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Good Morning Mr. Prime Minister, Honourable Ministers, Speaker of the House and all the fine citizens of our Nation’s Capital. Most notably, good morning to all you very savvy moms who have signed up to receive the first issue of SavvyMom Today, the Ottawa Edition.

We want to start off our relationship with a proper introduction explaining a little bit about ourselves.

First, thank you for subscribing to SavvyMom Ottawa. We are very excited to be here and have gathered a great team of Savvy Scouts and writers to deliver you ‘practical solutions to moms’ everyday dilemmas’ every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

You’ll receive bite-sized emails to your inbox that will inform, connect and entertain you with topics ranging from diapers to dinner parties and everything in between. We also often have special deals and subscriber promotions —for savvy moms like you.

Here’s a brief Savvy 411 to get you started:

What’s the essence of SavvyMom?

SavvyMom was born out of a recognition that moms are time-crunched and often depend on referrals from friends to make their lives (and decisions) easier. We aim to be that trusted voice for you, providing edited and simplified information. We cut straight to the point and tell you what we think is the best solution for moms’ many to-do’s.

How do you decide what to write about?

We write about the things we love, and what we find to be useful as moms. All of the products and services featured on SavvyMom Today have been tried and tested by the Savvy Moms and/or our global team of Savvy Scouts.

Do you make money from the products and services you feature?

No. We don’t receive a penny from anything we write about on SavvyMom Today, even when we arrange a subscriber deal for you. Not one. That would be contrary to our strict editorial policy and it would take the fun and trust away from our writing.

Where is SavvyMom?

Our HQ is in TO and we also have fantastic teams on the ground in Vancouver and Ottawa to support our editions there. We’re planning on getting SavvyMom Calgary up and running by the end of the year, so tell all your cowgirl friends. Not in these cities? Our National edition (Tuesdays only) covers stuff that applies anywhere. (And Saskatoon? Well, we’re giving it some serious consideration.)

Any more questions? Ideas? Please let us know. We love to hear from our readers.

Oh, one last thing (it’s important). Please be sure to add [email protected] to your address book to ensure safe delivery of your newsletter. You won’t want to miss one!

Thanks, and happy reading.

The SavvyMom Team


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