What Other Moms Are Packing for Lunch


Although we recently published a list of ideas and recipes for back-to-school lunches, it’€™s nice to know what other moms are packing for their kids, too. Which is why we took to Facebook to ask the question, ‘€œWhat is your go-to lunch to pack for school?’€ Thankfully we received some really great answers that included tips for hiding brown spots on apples, unique dessert ideas and character sandwiches that transform the midday meal into something out of this world.
Star wars cookie cutter deli meat sandwiches with fruit, cucumbers and some homemade banana bread as a treat and water to drink!! He always comes home and tells me it was the BEST lunch ever! ‘€“ Laura Lindsay

Turkey wrap, apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon (tastes yummy and hides the ‘browning’ by lunch), a thermos of water and a treat (cookie, granola bar, etc.) ‘€“ Elizabeth Barone Russell

Leftovers in a thermos. Chocolate milk in a thermos. I make mini pumpkin pies for his dessert. ‘€“ Abby Allthatmakesyou

My daughter has been enjoying cold cheese quesadillas with a small Tupperware of sour cream. ‘€“ Elizabeth N. Harvey

She LOVES tuna sandwiches with dill pickle minced in. Must have something chocolate like a brownie and juice boxes, with grapes on the side. ‘€“ Sharon Marie Cosby

Dinosaur shaped butter & jam sandwiches with cucumbers, marble cheese, yogurt and apple sauce. Water to drink. ‘€“ Jennifer Fabian Gibbs

If you didn’€™t get the chance to share your answer, please do tell us what packed lunches your kids like best and which ones are the easiest for you to make’€”just comment below.


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