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Playboy for tweens, bad fast food, attachment parenting, the new iPhone 5 and call your Zeyde (I’ll explain). It’s been a fun week.
1.There’s no doubt you all remember our favourite breast feeding mommy, Jamie Lynn Grumet, who posed for the cover of TIME Magazine last spring with her three year old son at her breast. Well, Jamie’s back. I read on Babble.com that she is on the cover of another magazine and people are wondering if she is milking this thing. I’ll give her credit for standing up for her beliefs—I’m just worried about that boy. What do you think Jamie should do?

2. If you didn’t stay up to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live last week you will enjoy this video of ‘experts’ weighing in on the new iPhone 5. Only it’s not the new iPhone…it’s an old one. But only we know that. It’s pretty funny and reminds me of living in my house with teenagers who know everything. It’s great to be an expert these days, isn’t it?

raw chicken

3. More expert advice is required for KFC after a consumer ordered a sandwich and found raw chicken in the middle. Gross. Interestingly, I read about this on Techvibes, a tech publication, not a consumer gossip site. The story is as much about how quickly news like this can spread due to social media. The customer took a picture on his phone, took to Reddit and boom, it went viral.

4. To all my Jewish friends who have not yet seen this video, Happy Rosh Hashanah. I love the message because you don’t need to be Jewish to be reminded to call your Zeyde (grandfather). I also thought it was interesting that even the synagogues are getting into the viral-video-as-a-marketing-tool action.

Sears Playboy in Wish Book

5. In less sacred news, the mom blogs are all aflutter with the news that Sears is selling Playboy-branded items to children and tweens. The 2012 Sears Wish Book has a two page spread of Playboy t-shirts, pyjamas, bags and more, covered in the pink Playboy symbol. Here is a blog post by a concerned mom. Note the comments that follow. Clearly she isn’t the only one who is upset with Sears about this. Would you buy one of these items for your 10 year old daughter? I’m just glad I have boys (but I hope they don’t bring home a young woman sporting this gear).

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