Free Reads


Have a book, leave a book. Need a book, take a book. Build a library, build a community. That’€™s the concept behind the worldwide Little Free Libraries program.
The premise is simple’€”build a little birdhouse-like library (of your own design or via a kit) and then decorate it in the style of your choosing (mid-century modern? French country?). Next, place it in an accessible location (the front yard works fine) and stock with books. No membership requirements, no late fines. Everyone is encouraged to donate books that they are ready to pass along and pick up any that interest them. Stocking kids’€™ books also fosters a love of reading and literacy in young tykes, while the entire neighbourhood can benefit from the sense of community.

There are a few Little Free Libraries scattered across the GTA and beyond. It’€™s a great project to do as a family, classroom or group (Brownies and Scouts, anyone?).

Finally’€”a destination worthy of our multiple copies of Goodnight Moon.

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Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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