What Your Kindergartener Really Needs for School


If your first-born is starting school, your head may be spinning with all the back-to-school promotions coming at you every time you turn on the radio or surf your favourite websites. No, your newly-minted kindergartener doesn’t need a external hard drive or even a pencil case, but what they do need may surprise you.

Here’s what veteran moms and teachers tell us are the only things you really need before your little one heads to class (sniff).

A Sturdy Backpack 
Our Pick: MEC Junior Bookbag
While, yes, they’re still so wee, your kiddo does need to graduate from the mini-backpack they wore to daycare. The teacher will be sending home calendar sheets, newsletters and permission forms in letter-sized folders. Make a production of shopping for a new big-kid backpack together, and be sure it can hold a duotang, lunch bag, water bottle and change of clothes. (Back to School!)

Labels for Everything
Our Pick: Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo

School hallways and playgrounds can be like black holes for everything from water bottles to rain coats. (One of our kids’ misplaced two pairs of orange snow pants in one winter.) It’s well worth the money to order custom labels that go on shoes, lunch containers, clothing and backpacks. (Back to School!)

Lice Spray 
Our Pick: Lice Shield Leave-in Spray
We hate to mention the ‘L’ word, but these nuisance pests could be jumping around the cloakroom this fall and winter. Apparently lice are repelled by strong-smelling essential oils, so we like to spritz our kids’ heads before school with this leave-in conditioner scented with citronella, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemongrass. (Back to School!)

We’ve been there, bought that, and we know that Kinders just don’t need the same gear as our bigger kids. Read on for the rest of our must-haves for Kinders.


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