19 Tips for a Smooth Start

19 Back to School Tips From the Pros

Seizing the day takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve got little ones to wake, dress and feed. We turned to our team of Savvy editors and experts for their tried-and-true tips on managing the morning routine and all that back to school stuff. Here are our best from the best.

Involve Them in the Planning 
Plan with your kids, not for your kids. Write down the things that need to happen in the morning. Work out times that go along with each task (breakfast at 7:15, brush teeth at 7:35). Now the kids know what is expected and instead of nagging them, you can say, ‘What’s next on your list?’ Practice the morning routine a couple of mornings before it actually needs to happen.
Let Them Wake up Dancing
Attach an old iPhone loaded with the kids’ favourite songs to a Bluetooth alarm clock/speaker, and every night before bed let them choose a song to wake up to. In the morning when their alarm blasts their favourite tune, they’ll be excited to wake up and get themselves dressed and teeth brushed.

Soon you’ll be singing, ‘easy like Monday morning’. We’ve got more Back to School Tips From the Pros to get you there.



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