Brighten Their Days


Back to school isn’t just about routines and making lunches, it’s about learning. So turn your kids’ lights on with Mini Maker Faire at TELUS Spark—Calgary’s largest showcase of innovation, makers and creativity—this weekend (September 6 and 7).

The timing is perfect. Your kids will dive into their science homework after seeing 150 makers share their work at this family-friendly expo. From large-scale science experiments (like pedal-powered ice cream makers) and cutting-edge tech (wearable technology) to robotics (robots designed by a 10 year old maker) and well-honed craftsmanship, Mini Maker Faire has something to get everyone excited about.

We’re excited about the wacky and award winning experimenters from EepyBird who are bringing their extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Shows to Calgary. Here’s a teaser of what to expect (hey, it’s science!).

The best part? It’s ALL included with admission or membership to TELUS Spark! Buy your tickets here.

Because the world is always brighter when you make something that wasn’t there before.



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