What’s Streaming in March for Kids & Families

Streaming in March for Kids - SavvyMom

We’re on the cusp of warmer weather and easier ways to help get kids’ energy out during those long days. Until then, if you plan on spending time inside and in front of the screen with the family, you might as well make the most out of it, right? That’s where we’re here to help. Need some suggestions, especially heading into March Break? We’ve looked at the schedules from all Canadian streaming services and narrowed down the best TV shows and movies streaming in March for families.

Read on for 13 things streaming in March your crew can enjoy together this month.

What’s Streaming in March for Kids & Families

Streaming in March: The Mandalorian - SavvyMom

The Mandalorian (s3)
Wednesday March 1, Disney+

After a long wait, Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda finally return for a third round of adventures. This year the action continues to Mandalore, where the lead is on a quest for forgiveness for his past indiscretions. But he’ll learn that not even Mandalorians can agree on navigating the future, leading to new drama and adventure.

Odd Squad Streaming in March - SavvyMom

Odd Squad
Wednesday March 1, CBC Gem

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to get younger kids into math and problem-solving, Odd Squad has been a hit with the young crowd for a while. And now it’s available to stream on CBC Gem. The live-action comedy is about kid agents with cool gadgets and problems like doubling dogs and shrinking parents. The first 20 episodes drop at the beginning of the month, with the next 60 scheduled to release by March 22.

Karate Sheep - SavvyMom

Karate Sheep
Thursday March 2, Netflix

Not all sheep follow each other, as Trico is here to prove to kids everywhere. This sheep causes mayhem in his flock by sharing new ideas. The only problem? A lurking wolf is waiting to pounce!

Ridley Jones Streaming in March - SavvyMom

Ridley Jones (s5)
Monday March 6, Netflix

This curious (and animated) kid returns for a fifth season of adventures this month. Follow along on new journeys as Ridley protects the Museum of Natural History and its treasures within—even when they come alive at night.

School Spirits - SavvyMom

School Spirits
Thursday March 9, Paramount+

Older kids may get a kick out of this new Vancouver-shot series, which follows a teen girl stuck in the afterlife following her mysterious disappearance. Not only that but she’s stuck in high school, where a slew of other spirits are also trapped. The only difference is that she can communicate with the living, which sets her on a path to discover the truth and, hopefully, save them all.

Chang Can Dunk - SavvyMom

Chang Can Dunk
Friday March 10, Disney+

Sports and coming-of-age stories go together, so we have high hopes for this family film about a 16-year-old Asian American high school student named Chang. The five-foot-eight marching band member makes a bet with the school basketball star that he can dunk by Homecoming (and impress his crush along the way).

Gabby's Dollhouse - SavvyMom

Gabby’s Dollhouse (s7)
Monday March 20, Netflix

If you’re tired of watching the same cat-tastic adventures on repeat, you’ll be relieved to know a new season of this preschool series drops this month. This season is about travelling and pretending, two relatable things adults like to dream about too. Get ready for many brand-new adventures with lots of learning thrown in for good measure.

And Still I Sing - SavvyMom

And Still I Sing
Tuesday March 21, Crave

If you’re looking for something educational for older kids, we suggest looking into this doc from award-winning Afghan-Canadian filmmaker Fazila Amiri. It follows three women working for success in a world where women are not encouraged to succeed. The cameras hone in as these women prepare to appear on Afghan Star (a popular singing show in the vein of American Idol), with two young women on the verge of becoming the first-ever female winners just as the Taliban take over.

We Lost Our Human - SavvyMom

We Lost Our Human
Tuesday March 21, Netflix

This incoming animated series flips the switch on pet owners who are scared of losing their pooches: that’s because, in this world, all the humans are suddenly gone. Follow along with two pampered pet siblings, Pud and Ham, as they journey to the center of the universe to find their owners and put the world right again.

Macy Murdoch - SavvyMom

Macy Murdoch
Thursday March 23, CBC Gem

If you’re into Murdoch Mysteries, you may be pumped to get your kids into this tween-friendly spinoff about Murdoch’s great-great-great-granddaughter, 16-year-old Macy Murdoch (Shailyn Pierre-Dixon). When her grandfather is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, she and her friends travel back to 1910 to re-examine the clues.

My Kind of Country - SavvyMom

My Kind of Country
Friday March 24, Apple TV+

If your family is into country music and singing competition shows, mark the calendars for the debut of this new entry. The hybrid series aims to break down cultural and musical barriers in country music while inviting innovative contemporary artists to strut their stuff and show the world what they’ve got.


Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. (s2)
Friday March 31 on Disney+

If your family is into this reimagining of the prodigy doctor, be sure to catch her return when Season 2 drops later this month. Joining the crew for their sophomore run is ZOMBIES star Milo Manheim, who plays a street-smart teen named Nico who has spent years in and out of the hospital.

A Kind of Spark
Friday March 31, CBC Gem

This 10-part tween series hits the streaming circuit towards the end of the month, introducing families to Addie—a bright and sparky autistic girl who dreams of acceptance in a conservative community. As she protects herself and her sister from prejudice, they become entwined with two sisters from the 16th century, one of whom was accused of witchcraft. This one is based on the award-winning novel by Elle McNicoll.


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