Wheels on the Bus (Not)


“The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round” (while mommy and daddy go nuts nuts nuts). And we’re not sure it gets any better when the music du jour becomes Hilary Duff.
So inspire them with some real music at a young age—folk, rock, reggae, the blues, whatever you like. Just call it ‘kid music’ and they’ll love it just the same.

Start with our fave rock & roller, Dan Zanes, former lead singer of the indie rock band the Del Fuegos. He has been recording fun and fantastic children’s music that sounds like grown-up music (they call it age-desegregated) for 6 years now.

We admit it, we’ve known about Dan for a while, but we saved him for today because it’s the release date of his fifth and latest album, Catch That Train!, a rollicking fun-filled ride that you’ll ALL want to listen to over and over. We especially love the rendition of Loch Lomond where Dan is joined by Natalie Merchant. (On previous albums, Dan has collaborated with Sheryl Crow, Deborah Harry, Lou Reed and Suzanne Vega.)


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