Our Gift to You


For most people, time is money. For moms, time is a chance to breath, sleep, finish the laundry, pluck their eyebrows or finish pretty much anything on their to do list.
We know from our Mother’s Day survey that most of our readers would like more time—for themselves and with their families.

Over 50% of you asked for the day off at a spa (read: “Peace and Quiet”). Almost 40% of readers thought that a clean house (not cleaned by you) would make a great Mother’s Day gift and about the same amount liked the idea of a fun family outing, no chores, no cooking and no planning required.

We heard loud and clear that moms are feeling stretched, time-starved and sometimes overwhelmed with the responsibilities that fall on their laps.

We understand, and that’s why we chose this poem to share with you on Mother’s Day. It might remind you that sometimes that chore can wait as we focus on our most important job of all—being a mom.


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