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When it comes to iPods and other MP3 players, seems like there are two distinct camps – the ‘don’t leave home without it’ type and the (admittedly smaller) ‘gathering dust in the drawer’ crowd.
When it comes to exercise and moms, however, there is really only one type – the ‘I don’t have the time (or the energy) for a real workout’ camp.

And for most of us in this camp, the thought of a personal trainer seems like a great idea (and so does a personal chef while we’re at it). If only we were one of those Hollywood celeb moms with the budget to match.

If this sounds like you, the now-available-in-Canada iTRAIN is just what you need.

Designed by Grace Lazenby, a Hollywood personal trainer, iTRAIN offers downloadable workouts with great music and a real personal trainer talking you through your moves. It’s a complete workout experience that you can do wherever whenever.

With 20, 40 and 60 minute options for a wide variety of programs (yoga, cycling, stair climbing, and stretch to name but a few) and prices starting at just $.99, all you have to do is download and sync, and you’re ready to join celebs such as Courtney Cox and David Arquette on the road to better fitness.

If you are expecting, iSculpt Ballet is a great workout, and for busy moms in general, the 20 minute mixed level iTread program is a great choice.

iTRAIN is to MP3 players what Jane Fonda was to Betamax. So put your personal trainer in your pocket, dig up your old leggings and work it baby, work it.

Available at www.itrain.com


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