The Wow Gift


1 wow (‘wau):interjection— used to express strong feeling (as pleasure or surprise)
1 mom (‘mäm): noun–short form for mother

Wow. It’s the perfect word to describe the wonder and amazement of being a mom, of becoming a mom (producing a live human being!) and everything, really, that moms are about.

And did you ever stop to think that Mom upside down is Wow?

Inspired by a vintage butter knife and looking to find new pursuits after a decade-plus long career in PR, Sue Bowen, mom of two, researched the art of hand stamping and developed a stunning line of ‘silver with character’ jewelry called Suetables.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, and to capture the essence and intermingling of these two words, Suetables has created a sterling silver hand-stamped necklace on a 16” ball chain which we think is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. As an exclusive offer to SavvyMom Today subscribers, the necklace is available for $39 (regular price $45, while supplies last).

So WOW them by wearing your pride of being a mom.

Even better, send this to someone you love who’s looking for a hint for Mother’s Day or get one for a special mom in your life.

P.S. As you’ll see, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to other jewelry pieces by Suetables – your children’s names or initials are also a great addition to her hand-stamped pieces – so just let her know what you have in mind and she can create something for you that reflects your family and your life best.

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