Where to Go Apple Picking Near Toronto

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Yes, it’s still technically summer but, before we know it, autumn will be here with its cooler weather, colourful leaves, and of course crispy apples, sweet or tangy or both, depending on the variety. Apple picking near Toronto is a treasured late-summer activity for us city slickers.

Southern Ontario’s fertile farmlands are perfect for apple growing and picking a bag or basket of these healthy fruits is a fantastic way for your family to get into the spirit of fall. Below, we round up farms  and orchards in and around the GTA where your family can do just that, plus maybe pet some cute farm animals.

While all the farms listed below will have their orchards open by at least mid-September, different apple varieties are available at different times, with some not being harvest-ready until mid-October. If your family has strong apple preferences, be sure to check out each farm’s harvesting schedule, especially if you’re planning on doing some baking!

Fun fact: Ontario is home to around 20 varieties of apples but only one species, the crab apple, is native to the province, though we don’t think anyone wants to pay to pick that fruit!

Where to Go Apple Picking Near Toronto

Andrews Farm Market & Winery

9365 10 Side Rd, Milton, ON

Featuring “165 acres of beautiful escarpment countryside,” Andrews is the type of farm your family can spend the whole afternoon at (or come early and enjoy something from the BBQ for lunch). Apple picking is now available, as is corn, squash and soon pumpkins. The farm’s $15 per person admission fee (with kids under five free), gives your family access to a variety of activities including wagon rides, animal corrals, and a corn maze.

Applewood Farm

12416 McCowan Rd, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON

As its name suggests, Applewood Farm specializes in apples. Over a dozen different varieties are available at this nearby farm, starting in early September when the Ginger Golds are ready to be plucked off their trees. Admission is $10 per person, with kids two and under free, and access includes a free pumpkin or squash, while they last. Apples are sold in small bags (around 10lb) for $20 and large bags (around 20lb) bags for $35. The farm also features a few fun bonus activities, including a corn maze, farm animals and a play zone.

Archibald Orchards & Winery

6275 Liberty St. N., Bowmanville, ON

Archibald’s is famous for its apple wine and ciders (which yes, you can try and buy on site) so it should come as no surprise that its pick-your-own apple orchard is also top-notch. There you’ll find over 10,000 trees and over a dozen different apple varieties, a couple of which are ready to be picked starting September 10. You’ll also find a different way of accessing the apple orchards: You drive your car right down to the trees! A minimum purchase of 20lbs (aka a 1/2 bushel) is required and that will run you $45, a price that includes your apple picking bag. Yes, that’s a lot of fruit but thankfully, the internet is packed with delicious apple recipes.

Barrie Hill Farms

2935 Barrie Hill Rd, Springwater, ON

For over 40 years, Barrie Hill has been offering up delicious, pick-your-own options, including apples. This year, the Sunrise and Zestar varieties should be available for harvesting at the end of August while six other varieties will be ready in September and October. Apples are sold by the basket (and be sure to bring your own container otherwise you’ll have to buy one), with a minimum purchase of one basket per group travelling on the farm’s tractor. While Barrie Hill doesn’t offer any petting zoos or playgrounds, its on-site market does sell a variety of treats, including honey, sweet corn, and pumpkin pies. It’s also hosting a fall festival, complete with live entertainment, on Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24.

Brooks Farms

122 Ashworth Rd, Mount Albert, ON

Brooks Farms is one of southern Ontario’s best known agritourism spots for a good reason: It offers a little bit of everything! Its fall festival kicks off this September with an admission fee of $19.99 (so long as you buy online) for each person who is age two and up. Attractions include live entertainment, play structures and bouncers and new for this year, giant jumping pillows, and lots more, including various delicious food options. And of course, you can pick apples, which last year retailed at 5lb bags for $15, 10lb bags for $25 and 20lb bags for $42. Also available for picking come September are squash and pumpkins.


9528 Regional Rd 25, Milton, ON

Looking to pick apples right now? Then Chudleigh’s is your place. Apple picking here opened on August 18 but note that waiting until the fall will give you access to a greater selection of the farm’s 18 varieties (including a few kinds that are only grown at Chudleigh’s). Apples, which are grown on an impressive 47,500 trees, are sold in 5lbs and 10lbs bags, which last year retailed for $16 and $26 respectively. Once your bags are full, check out Chudleigh’s other attractions, including play structures, an interactive nature trail and a marketplace and café. Important: Unlike most of the destinations on this list that don’t require advance ticket purchase, Chudleigh’s does. Tickets start at $14.50, and kids three and under free.

Dixie Orchards

14309 Dixie Rd, Inglewood, ON

As Dixie Orchards’ sunflower fields lose their charm in September, the apple orchards move to take centre stage, with their nearly 20 varieties of fruit (including one called “Bubblegum”). Pumpkins and other gourds are ready for picking in later September while hazelnuts can be harvested in October (this is one of the only GTA farms where you can do that). Access to the pick-your-own fields requires a ticket, which starts at around $6 for kids (while advanced tickets are encouraged, they aren’t required). Picked produce is charged separately.

Downey’s Strawberry & Apple Farm

13707 Heart Lake Rd, Caledon, ON
1355 Hopewell Creek Rd, Breslau, ON

Downey’s offers two locations for apple picking near Toronto: Its original spot in Caledon and a newer orchard in Breslau. While there is no admission fee for the pick-your-own fields, a minimum apple pick of $8 per person does apply. Thankfully, with 13 different varieties available, it won’t take long for your families to fill up their bags. Apple picking starts early here, on August 25 when the “sweet and mildly tart” Ginger Gold are ready (but a much broader variety of apples will be available later in September).

Downey’s also features an entertainment farm, located across from its Caledon orchard. There you’ll find its fall celebrations, which starts in September and offers inflatables, live entertainment, live animals, and so much more. More details on these events, including the admission price, will be announced soon.

Organics Farm

7550 19th Ave, Markham, ON

Home to only certified organic fruits, this farm offers an impressive 15 varieties of apples in its spacious orchards, which should be ready for picking come September. Everyone three and up needs to pay a $15 admission fee but that fee will get each attendee a 5lb bag of pick-your-own apples. Additional bags can be purchased, with a 10lb bag going for $24.This farm also offers a wood-fire bakery (with fresh items baked Wednesday-Sunday) and a market that sells only locally produced and organic products.

Puddicome Estate Farms & Winery 

468 #8 Highway, Winona, Hamilton, ON

Established in 1797 (yes, you read that correctly), Puddicome knows how to grow great fruit. Its apple orchard won’t be open until later in September, when the Ambrosia variety is ready, but we know it’s worth the wait. Puddicome offers 13 varieties of apples, as well as pick-your-own pumpkins and pears (and note that lots of other delicious produce is available during August and early September). During the fall, the farm offers Harvest Festival Weekend, which includes pay-as-you-play games and rides on the farm’s very own train. Puddicome also features a marketplace that sells, among other items, the farm’s very own cider and wines.

Watson Farms

2287 Durham Regional Hwy 2, Bowmanville, ON

Last year, 11 varieties of apples were available at this east-end farm, which should have apple picking up-and-running by early October. In addition to apples, pears, squash, and pumpkins are available for picking. Apples are sold by the pound and by the bushel (or half bushel if your family isn’t into eating apples every day for weeks). There is an entry fee of $5 for adults, $3 for kids, which gets you access to the petting zoo, the Watsonland Playground, wagon rides and more (and in August through some of September, it also gets you into Watson Farm’s stunning sunflower maze).


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