Where the Wild Things Are


For the mom who has everything (or just likes the unusual), we’ve discovered some whimsical, somewhat wacky, and even a little bit ‘wild’ finds. We’re not saying you need them, but they are fun to know about. So for some midsummer amusement, get ready to start that head shaking.
For any child who has out-cuddled their T-Rex or teddy bear, it may be time to look into an Incredibed. Described as “loveable, large stuffed-animal beds for kids”, we have to admit that from a child’s point of view, they are pretty incredible. You supply the box spring and mattress, and they supply the giant, soft stuffed-animal frame that goes around it. These beds just might earn some extra cuddle points for mom. As to interior design points…you be the judge.

Zaky Infant PillowParents with babies who insist on being continuously held will appreciate the idea (if not the neighbours’ curious glances) of the Zaky Infant Pillow. Used in some hospitals for preemies, these stuffed, hand-shaped ergonomic pillows are now available in stores and are said to help any mom who needs to step away without upsetting the baby. Although you have left the room, the infant feels that loving touch. We thought these might just come in “handy”!


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