Winter Warm Up


It’s the harshest reality of being a Canadian mom…winter. Not the elements, the shoveling of the snow or the low temps, it’s the 20 minute wrestle that must take place to prepare your sweet bundles for the outdoors. We call it the ‘harried hustle’ (because you are inevitably late for some terribly important preschool date).
To add some spice and good taste to your harried hustle this winter, check out some of these savvy new products for Jack and Jill that will keep them warm and happy.

Don’t Get Bogged Down
Boots are an essential item for outdoor fun and we love the functionality, practicality and fun designs of the BOGS boots for kids (and moms, for that matter). These boots originated in Oregon where the weather can be more severe than even that of our own beloved terrain. Totally waterproof, BOGS are good for mud, sludge, rain and snow (some of the models are comfort-rated for up to -30 degrees). They also have a non-slip outsole and anti-microbial odor protection. Neoprene is the secret—they’re made of it. And it works.


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