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Your Kids Will Love This New Indoor Playground in Ottawa


Looking for a new place to play? We think your family will love Bubblesea Adventures, an indoor amusement park and playground located in the Emerald Plaza (off of Merivale Drive). We love the ocean vibes, like the wavy blue floor, and bright colours throughout the spaces that will draw the attention of all of our kids and keep them active and happy for hours on end.

Why you should check out Bubblesea Adventures

Annual membership to Bubblesea Adventures (for kids and teens) is available for $159 (with a discounted rate for siblings) and provides access to all of the entertainment the centre has to offer. Day passes are also offered if you want to spend the next PD Day or rain day having some special fun. Your caregiver can also get in on the action with special rates. Bubblesea Adventures is easy to find with parking at the Emerald Plaza and bus transportation nearby.

What the kids will love to do

The brightly coloured indoor playground is composed of a large jungle gym that includes a toddler area for little ones under 2. The kids will be thrilled to run, jump and play in the large ball pit section (we love that it’s divided into separate age groups so older kids can have their fun while the smallest children can safely explore).

There are climbers and slides, and we suspect kids will love the tube slide! The mini obstacle course will have the kids trying, again and again, to do their best on the climbers and moving parts. Nap time and bedtime will come easily after they play out all of the energy moving from section to section.

Throughout the space, there are also party rooms with various activity tables inside each one. Kids can spend time with puzzles, the LEGO table, an interactive sand table or an interactive drawing game. These party rooms are available to all kids, so long as the room isn’t booked for a birthday party. Speaking of birthday parties, Bubblesea Adventures is a popular birthday party destination!

Birthday Parties at Bubblesea Adventures

Your child’s next birthday party can be an indoor playground funfest here. There are two main packages for parties offered and, depending on the one you select, may include an interactive video game room, time in the party room, pizza, drinks and of course play time in the Bubblesea Adventures space.

After School Program

While the After School Program is currently not yet available, check back as it may be offered in the new school year. Students aged 6-12 can register for the after-school program that will help students by offering them tutoring time after school as well as activities and time with friends. This program will be offered between 3:30 and 5:30 pm.

More details for all of their programs and offerings can be found on their website or their Facebook page for updates and announcements.

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

Bubblesea Adventures is located at 1547 Merivale Road, at the Emerald Plaza.

It’s open Monday-Saturday, from 10 am until 8 pm. And on Sundays from 10 am until 7 pm.

There are drop-in prices for children of all ages and include an accompanying adult, with different rates for children under 1-year-old, toddlers, children aged 3-14 and teens aged 15-18. Additional adult charges may apply.

Membership rates are $159.99, with an annual sibling rate of $129.99. Members receive discounts on parties and programs.





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