You’ve Got Mail


We’re a little concerned about the future of the handwritten note, but we’re confident that the care package is going nowhere fast. Here to save the day (and the mailman) are eight amazing new monthly subscription services you’ll want to sign up for. These boxes come directly to your door and are filled with toys, crafts, healthy snacks and more.

Bundle of Joy 
Bayo Bundles are all about crafting, building, experimenting and exploring—which are all commendable pursuits for everyone, not just the wee set. Art, science, culture, and technology are all accounted for, and the souvenir and snack covers all the ‘wants’ on the kiddos’ list. You can even purchase a single bundle—we love the Thanksgiving-themed offering. (It’s in the Mail!)

Word to the Nerd 
We’re not sure whether Nerd Block will appeal more to the kids or the parents (we’re looking at you, Dad), because with 4-6 items including nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables from brands like Hello Kitty, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Marvel, and many more—everyone is going to be anticipating this box’s arrival! (It’s in the Mail!)

Everyone loves getting mail—we’ve got 6 more Superb Subscription Services that’ll mean smiles all ’round.



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