Dear New Teacher: What You Need to Know About my Son with ADHD


I’m a very involved parent at school. I sit on the Parent Council, volunteer and communicate regularly with the teachers. Last night was curriculum night at our school and after spending time with Jayden’s teacher, I realized that after only 1 month in the class, these teachers are just starting to know our kids, how they learn, what motivates them and how to help them be successful! The more I shared with Jayden’s teacher about his ADHD and strategies that work, the more she seemed grateful to know more about him, to fast-track what she may come to learn over the next few months. This insight into just one of her 28 kids can only help her, right? I was happy to see that she appreciated knowing more about how to make this a great year for both of them….here’s a letter to that sweet Grade 4 teacher who is caring and nurturing my son this year.

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