A Kindergarten Checklist & First Day of School Printables {FREE}

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The start of the school year is just around the corner and for my family, we are entering uncharted territory. My not-so-little girl is now 4 years old and starting Junior Kindergarten. I thought I had so much time to prepare myself for this moment, but in all actuality, it seemed to appear before I had a moment to process what was happening. I know that she is going to be fine, but me, not so much.

I have found myself making notes of all of the things she will need for back to school, but I haven’t really thought about other ways I can help prepare her for this major transition. I want her to go to school and feel comfortable about taking care of herself and know some of the key things that will for sure set her up for success and a lifetime of enjoying the classroom and all it has to offer.