How to Update Your Wardrobe Even If You Hate Shopping


Years ago I heard Carlyle of Good for Her give a talk to a room full of new mums. The focus of her talk was about finding the time and desire for sex after having a baby. The consensus in the room was that very few were feeling particularly attractive with swollen breasts, sagging bellies and extra pounds- all a by-product of pregnancy. Carlyle was quick to assuage those feelings by sharing that her years as a sex educator have taught her that confidence far outweighs ‘perfection’ when it comes to what is desired in a partner.

This is where Erin Nadler can help. Erin started Better Styled to service women who donโ€™t have time for shopping, donโ€™t like shopping or find themselves in transition (preparing to return to the workforce after a hiatus or dressing a new body after a weight loss). Whatever brings you into see Erin; itโ€™s a guarantee you will leave more confident.

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