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It’s just like riding a bike. Need we say more?
But riding a bike is a big deal for most kids. It gives them one of their first tastes of controlled speed, an extra measure of independence and not to mention an active, inexpensive and accessible activity to do with their friends (and maybe even family).

Some kids will learn how to push pedals in a snap. Others will find two-wheeling tough. For those kids, maybe, just maybe they’ll gear up their skills a notch or two if a) there’s a little peer pressure, and b) their teacher is young, fun and not their mom.

Welcome Pedalheads to town. Founded by Vancouverite Claudia Sjoberg, Pedalheads has developed an eight-stage cycling program for kids aged four to fourteen. The programs have been popular on the coast since 1995 and are making their debut east of the Rockies this summer.

Children congregate at either the Lakeview United Church in the south or the Rosemont Community Center in the north. Classes run two and a half hours per day for five consecutive days starting June 30. Weekly camps cost $155 and registration is now open online, by email, fax or phone. As this is a unique program in Calgary, expect early summer classes to be extra popular.

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