The Call for Sleep


There are t-shirts that say “sleep is for the weak”. We say try telling that to a new mom.
Based on the amount of reader email we get on the topic, there was never a subject more discussed by moms (and dads) than sleep. And with the raging controversy between Dr. Ferber and Dr. Sears, it can be hard to decide what the best answers to your family’s sleep problems are (and when you’re really sleep-deprived it’s hard enough to get through the books at all).

But there’s a group of sleep experts out there ready to help us get a good night’s rest when we’re at the end of our sleep rope. Better sleep for everyone can be but a phone call away, as they all offer long-distance/telephone consultation services. Read on as they share some of their top tips for better sleep.

Your Sleep Does Matter
The moms behind Your Sleep Matters, Adrienne McQueen and Allison Naidu, with five young children between them and physiotherapy backgrounds, were inspired to start their business when they realized that the majority of the parents they knew felt that lack of sleep for themselves and their children was the norm. Knowing this did not have to be the case, they set out to develop tools for parents to get their children (not just babies) sleeping well so that the entire family could be well-rested. Their top tips for better sleep:

  • Try to have a consistent daily sleep routine so your child knows what to expect.
  • Try an earlier bedtime (even if it seems counter-intuitive). Children need to be in bed when they are drowsy. Overtired children will have a more difficult time settling down to sleep.
  • Go outside or participate in a stimulating activity in the morning and after naps, but minimize these activities before bedtime so children have a chance to unwind.

For $105, phone consultations, which include a customized sleep plan and follow-up, are offered.


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