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The days are getting longer and the first of the city’€™s 37,000 cherry trees have started to blossom. This is the time of year when people’€™s thoughts turn to love and on this Valentine’€™s Day, our Vancouver editors, Nancy and Michelle, profess their love for our favourite city with this list of things to love about Vancouver:
“But seriously, what’€™s not to love? Where else can you golf, sail and ski on the same day? How can we choose favourites amongst our many parks, beaches and miles of seawall, shared by strollers, rollerbladers and bicycles built for two? How can we judge fairly when good coffee is never more than a block away, and foodies flock to both fabulous restaurants and food trucks?

One thing’s for sure, our favourite outdoor art installation is A-maze-ing Laughter by sculptor Yue Minjun. Fourteen giant bronze statues of men in various stages of laughing their guts out can’€™t help but make you feel good, even when it’s raining. Universally loved since their unveiling during the Vancouver Biennale, these laughing men bring joy to all who visit them at their spot at the corner of Denman and Davie. Purchased for the city by lululemon founder, Chip Wilson, and his wife Shannon, Vancouverites can count on the laughing men to cheer us up for generations to come.”

With so many things to love about Vancouver, it’€™s a Herculean task to narrow our favourite things to just a few. But we did, for you, with our 9 Reasons to Love Vancouver.

Tested by Nancy C., Vancouver

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