imageAt we believe in kids first and foremost. That’s why we are proud to have chosen SickKids Foundation as our charitable partner. We agree with them that healthier children lead to a better world. 

Why we chose SickKids Foundation:

  • We know that about 100,000 kids are treated at The Hospital for Sick Children each year. That’s a lot of sick kids.
  • We know that SickKids is a world leader in paediatric health care and research—consistently listed as one of the top four in the world.
  • We know that paediatric health care is more expensive than adult health care due to the requirements for a broader range of equipment to handle all the different sizes children come in, from preemies to teenagers.
  • We know that SickKids Foundation helps kids all over Canada (all over the world in fact), not just Toronto.
  • We know that you would like to help but might not know how.


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