The Best Store-Bought Snacks to Enjoy During the Holidays

Store Bought Holiday Snacks

Admittedly, I probably like to cook more than the average person, but during the holidays I have no shame in taking a page from the Barefoot Contessa’s playbook and turning my focus to assembling foods rather than making everything from scratch.

I still love to bake Christmas cookies, of course, and I personally can’t imagine outsourcing the main holiday meal, mostly because I get so much joy from preparing it, but when it comes to casual snacking in December (in place of meals) I actually love using some store-bought favourites to assist me in putting together some crave-worthy spreads.

I spent close to a decade working in catering and can confirm that finger foods are the most desired items to serve during the holidays. If you offer enough of them, they can even serve as a full meal replacement. Generally speaking, you’ll want to offer:

  • Four bites of food per person, if snacks are being served before a full meal
  • Ten to twelve bites of food per person if you’re offering the nibbles as a full meal replacement

When it comes to assembling the food, here are a few more things to consider:

  • No appetizer is more popular than shrimp. Ever.
  • Be sure to include a few vegetarian options.

Store Bought Holiday Snacks

Here’s a look at some of the brands that I used to create the spread you see in the photo. As always, feel free to swap in your favourite store’s equivalent if you can’t find the items I’ve mentioned below.

President’s Choice Butter Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Tender, battered cauliflower bakes up to crispy perfection, bringing vegetables to a new level. These are perfect for vegetarians in the family.

President’s Choice Mini Cucumbers

These are perfect for piling on veggie trays and party platters. They require no peeling and/or chopping and are a convenient two or three-bite size.

President’s Choice Plant-Based Cashew Dip

It’s fun to make homemade dips, but during the holidays I definitely rely on store-bought favourites. This one is suitable for vegan diets or anyone wanting to include more plant-based alternatives. Rich, creamy and very spreadable, it’s a great dip for fresh veggies. P.S. Stir in some of your favourite seasonings or spices to elevate the flavour – I like to add a generous sprinkle of “Everything But the Bagel Spice” to mine.

Farm Boy Muffuletta

A tangy, relish-like mix of olives and veggies, Muffuletta adds texture and depth to so many dishes. It serves multiple purposes (try it as a salad topper, on pasta, in omelettes or alongside charcuterie), but I really like to spoon it over goat-cheese slathered baguettes.

Ace Bakery Frozen White Demi-Baguette

Speaking of baguettes, keeping the frozen kind on hand lends itself so well to holiday eating. If you’re going to serve something on or with sliced bread, you’ll want to use the freshest kind you can find, and to save time driving to the grocery store you can simply pop a few frozen loaves in the oven when needed and use them accordingly. Plus, they make your house smell amazing.

Jams, Jellies, and Compotes

Condiments are an easy way to add extra flavour to all of your favourite foods. Most are divine served with cheese (like a wheel of Brie) and are the perfect addition to any party platter.

Farm Boy Triple Cream Brie

A delicious cheese at a perfect price point. No holiday spread is complete without a baked brie, IMHO.

Farm Boy Spanish Deli Snacks

Spectacular for snacking, or serve as part of a charcuterie board, this seasoned pork sausage is delicious served alongside cheese and/or crackers.

Farm Boy Coconut Shrimp

Crispy, fragrant coconut shrimp make the perfect appetizer! This one is sustainably sourced, quick to cook, and packed full of coconut flavour. Ready in 15 minutes and always a huge hit. Pro Tip: Buy double what you think you’ll need.


You can never go wrong setting out a bowl of nuts to nibble on. I like the simplicity of pistachios, but any kind works well.

Chocolate Truffles

The easiest sweet finish to any holiday soiree. Set them out in bowls or scatter them over the table/buffet and they’ll look like little ornaments glinting in the light.


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