7 Gift Ideas for Sleep Lovers

7 Gift Ideas for Sleep Lovers - SavvyMom

If you don’t know at least one person who loves sleep, there’s a good chance you’re a robot. Sleep is such a wondrous thing when you’re a parent (heck, even when you’re not) that this list of gift ideas for sleep lovers was one of the most enjoyable gift guides we’ve ever put together.

So, turn on that noise machine, settle under your soft, weighted blanket, pull that eye mask on, and get ready for some fantastic nights with these awesome gift ideas for sleep lovers!

7 Gift Ideas for Sleep Lovers

LectroFan Kinder Noise Machine

Noise machines are a wonderful invention for filling your kid’s room with soothing sounds that will also block out any noise going on in the rest of the house. (So ideal for little siblings!) The LectroFan Kinder sound machine is small, which means it doesn’t take up much room and is portable, it plugs into an outlet and fills your room with a variety of sounds. You can choose from white noises, lullabies, nature sounds and more—all controlled through an app on your phone. There’s also a night light option. It’s meant for kids, but we know many-an-adult who love this kind of thing, too.

Available here

Hush Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets can help reduce stress by turning anxiety into calm, giving you a more relaxed sleep. Not to mention, it feels like you’re being wrapped in a giant hug. We’re fans of Hush, because they’re a Canadian-based company (featured on Dragon’s Den!), they have a 100-night-guarantee and offer free shipping.

Choose from the Hush Classic, the sleep-initiating weighted blanket, or Hush Iced, a cooling weighted blanket with a bamboo and cotton cover that’s engineered to wick away sweat and keep you cool all night long. They even have kids’ blankets!  Plus, Hush Blankets has a GiveBack Program that involves donating 1 for every 10 adult blankets and 1 one for every 5 kids’ blankets.

Available here.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Great for both kids and adults who have trouble getting out of bed, this alarm clock helps wake you up slowly by simulating a sunrise. Light gradually increases, filling your room with soft morning red through orange until your room is filled with bright yellow light. Plus, at your set wake up time, natural sound will play to ensure you’re fully awake. Talk about a good way to start the day.

Available here

Essential Oil Diffuser

Create a sweet-smelling haven in your bedroom with a diffuser and some essential oils. We love these options from Saje. They have a wide variety of designs to suit every style.

Available here

Sleep Masks

A better night’s sleep comes with the comfort of a sleep mask. We love that they block out light—and can help restless kids settle when it’s time for light’s out.

Kid designs available here

Adult designs available here

Portable Blackout Blinds

If you’ve ever stayed anywhere other than home with your little ones, you know it can be hard to get all the conditions right for sleep. Too much light flooding in is one of the biggest challenges, and while portable blinds may seem like an odd gift, every parent will thank you! This Gro Anywhere Blind can be put in place in minutes and blocks light perfectly.

Available here

Sloth Pillow

Just for fun, and because they’re incredibly cute, why not give someone the gift of a fuzzy smiling sloth pillow? It’s like a stuffy and a pillow in one—perfect for kids and grownups. Did we mention it’s a smiling sloth??

Available here

This post is brought to you by Hush Weighted Blankets but the opinions are our own.


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