16 Fall-Inspired Toddler Meals to Serve this Season

Child Reaching Up for Food

The last list of ideas for toddler meals we prepared was well over a year ago, so we thought it was high time we offered you some new suggestions for what to feed your hungry little people.
All of the ideas (and recipes!) are seasonally inspired and make use of what you’€™re likely going to find at the farmer’€™s market or in the grocery store these days. If you’€™re sceptical that any of the suggested ingredients or meals will be well received, don’€™t worry; studies report that it can take toddlers (or anyone, really) anywhere from 8-10 tastes of a new food before they happily accept it. So keep serving them the good stuff, and they will eventually get on board with eating it.

Here are 16 fall-inspired toddler meals to consider serving this season:

  1. Rotisserie-style roast chicken, roasted butternut squash cubes with sage, spiced applesauce, pear slices.
  2. Baby Bolognese, mini mozzarella balls tossed with halved cherry tomatoes, apple slices
  3. Chickpea patties, homemade tzatziki, roasted sweet potato cubes
  4. Apple turkey meatballs, orzo, roasted cauliflower with Parmesan
  5. Potato and leek frittata, kale chips, roasted potatoes
  6. Baked salmon, rainbow salad, roasted broccoli
  7. Pulled pork pita, sweet potato wedges, steamed veggies
  8. Turkey, apple, and cheddar hand pies, oven-roasted beet chips
  9. Mini beef pies with cauliflower mash, green beans, buttered carrots
  10. Squash and apple soup, toast triangles, pear chips
  11. Scrambled eggs, apple potato pancakes, yogurt
  12. Tiny turkey sliders, apple chips, pickles
  13. Lamb burgers, mashed sweet potato, peas
  14. Sweet potato and turkey pie, roasted broccoli, red and yellow pepper sticks
  15. Turkey rice soup, whole grain bun, roasted chickpeas
  16. Baked mac and cheese with little white beans, roasted veggies, dried cranberries

What are your toddlers eating these days? Please feel free to share in the comments!


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