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Showing your friends and family you care doesn’t have to break the bank. There are ultra-cool gifts for those special people in your life that won’t have you paying off your credit card debt for the next six months and we found them for you. Whether you’re a secret Santa, looking to stuff some stockings, or simply trying to find the perfect present, we have this year’s coolest finds under $25 all in one place.

Sloth Hanging Planter

$22 | urbanoutfitters.com

What’s cuter than a sloth? How about a sloth and succulents? This little planter is sure to add a smile to anyone’s face. We’ll take three, please.

Dragon Blanket Tail

$20 | showcase.ca

Mermaid tails are so last year! Now you can cozy up with a dragon’s tail instead. Made of ultra-plush material it’s perfect for snuggling during the cold winter months. It comes in red or green. Don’t let your holiday shopping drago-on, get it now for something your kids will use all-year-round.

Canada Loose Leaf Tea Discovery Trio

$25 | davidstea.com

It doesn’t get more Canadian than this trio of teas. Start your day with a sip of steeped Oh Canada, a caffeine-free maple treat, take a mid-afternoon break with deliciously sweet Maple Syrup Oolong, then savour the flavour of Forever Nuts before you hit the hay.


$20 | Walmart.ca

Can you guess what you are? Hedbanz may be made for kids but the whole family will have fun! Ask yes or no questions to figure out the card you’re wearing. Are you an animal, food, or man-made object? Be the first person to guess and you win!

Mindfulness On The Go Cards

$21 | Indigo.ca

Think you’re too busy to practice mindfulness? Can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds? These cards make it easy to be mindful. With prompts like “Use your non-dominant hand to bring you back to a Beginner’s Mind” or “Every time the phone rings take three deep breath” you’ll find you’re able to practice mindfulness throughout your day.

Car Seat Organizer Backseat Protector Storage

$10 | living.ca

Books, magazines, snacks, tissue and an iPad, this backseat protector with storage can hold it all. Made of strong, waterproof Oxford cloth and nylon, not only will it save space and organize your vehicle, it does double duty by protecting the back of your seats from slushy boots.

Peppermint Foot Cream

$14 | calliskin.com

‘Tis the season for peppermint! The cold, dry winter weather of winter means it’s time to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Sadly, our always covered feet tend to get lost in the shuffle. Calli Essentials Peppermint Foot Cream has a combination of shea butter, coconut and grapeseed oils that will leave your tootsies feeling baby soft.

Weekly Planner

$24.90 | ardene.com

Stick to a weekly schedule and get that to-do list done with a cute dry erase board that’s also magnetic so you can attach school forms, photos, and more. Write on, wipe off, stay organized.


$9.99 | retrofestive.ca

This sweet little stocking stuffer brings hand puppets to a whole new level. Four paws and a cute little pug head will make your hand come to life. We wouldn’t blame you if you buy this for your kids but it’s really for you.

Avocado Huggers

$11 | uncommongoods.com

Raise your hand if you love avocados! Raise your other hand if you hate throwing out half-used avocados that have gone brown. A little avocado goes a long way and now you can keep its other half fresh and intact with this form-fitting silicone cup. These huggers ensure that you’re prepared to preserve your favourite fresh fruit, and the convenient pit pocket can be pushed in or out for the tightest possible seal.

The Blueprint For Creativity

$20 | uncommongoods.com

Make photographs with the sun! All you need to do is place any object or transparency on the special Sunography paper, expose it to sunlight, and rinse with water to produce your own richly blueprints. Use old photo negatives, x-rays, bits of lace, leaves, and everyday objects to compose an endless variety of images.

Pixie Belles

$20 | Amazon.ca

These cute little toys will spin into your kids’ hearts, one tail shake at a time. Keep your Pixie Belle close to your heart with their unique magnetic power pods that allow you to wear them on your clothing. They come with interchangeable, and wearable tails so you can wear them in your hair, on your wrist, or even as a keychain.

Mini Retro Tree

$20 | retrofestive.ca

Retro-ceramic trees are all the rage, but they can be a bit pricy. Say hello to the mini-retro! Studded with 32 multi-colour lights, this 7.25” will shine bright on any table, shelf or mantel.

Make and Give Heart Bowls

$23 | well.ca

Give kids a gift they can give away! This kit includes everything you need to make a glitter heart and a sweet word of encouragement inside. They’ll just as much fun choosing who will receive the finished heart as they will making it.

Eco-Leather Beaver Coin Purse

$12 | tenthousandvillages.ca

Canada and beavers go hand-in-hand. Now you can keep those Loonies and Toonies together with this eco-leather beaver coin holder.  Handcrafted by makers working with CRC Exports which works with 5,000 families in India, representing leatherworkers, silk weavers and tailors.

Brie Baker

$20 | Indigo.ca

We Brie-lieve everyone on your Christmas list will love this gift. Indulge in warm, velvety smooth baked Brie and a generous layer of your favourite compote with this French country-inspired ceramic cheese baker. Comes with a bamboo spreader, ceramic lid, and side handles that make serving easy.

Phone Lens Kit

$14 | Indigo.ca

Photography on-the-go gets an upgrade. The sky’s the limit with this set of three clip lenses that will allow you to take wide-angle, macro, and fish-eye photos.

Penny Key Chain

$14 | etsy.com

Pennies have been gone from the Canadian currency since 2012 but you can still have this copper keepsake for years to come. You can even order a penny from a certain year to make it personalized.

Portable DIY Projector

$18.79 | walmart.ca

Turn a wall of your home into a mini-cinema. This simple projector will make movies on your small screen big enough to view with friends and family. All you need is popcorn and your set for a movie night in.

Tasco Binoculars

$24.99 | canadiantire.ca

Whether you’re taking a walk through the woods, looking for birds, or gazing up at the stars, these binoculars will help you slow down and experience the world up close. Lightweight, easy to carry and comes with a case and strap.

IKEA Wireless Charger

$20 | ikea.com

Messy cords be gone! Charge your phone in a simple, stylish and flexible way. The NORDMÄRKE wireless charger is made from sustainable cork and can be built into a table or stand on a bench – whatever suits you best.

Pug Doorstop

$15 | simons.ca

Cuteness meets functionality with this doorstop that will hold your door open and stop guests in their tracks. Warning: someone may try to take this little guy home.

Rock Pets Craft Kit

$18 | bedbathandbeyond.ca

Remember when pet rocks were all the craze? It’s back! Kids will have a hoot decorating their owl. You can even buy one for yourself to see whoooooo makes the most creative pet.

Sno Stompers

$24.95 | Indigo.ca

Fresh snow + Sno Stompers = Imagination Fun! Snap on and the footprints you leave behind will be dinosaur tracks or bear prints! Create an awesome adventure or stomp out sneaky trails for people to follow. Even better, Sno Stompers perform double-duty because you can use them at the beach in the summer.

Bob Ross Sticky Notes

$7 | dannabananas.com

Add a little calm to your daily routine with Bob Ross. These handy notes and page markers will help keep your place, keep your notes, keep your appointments, and maybe even inspire you to make some art.



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