25 Gifts for Under $25

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Showing your friends and family you care doesn’t have to break the bank. There are ultra-cool gifts for those special people in your life that won’t have you paying off your credit card debt for the next six months and we found them for you. Whether you’re a secret Santa, looking to stuff some stockings, or simply trying to find the perfect present, we have this year’s coolest finds under $25 all in one place.

Gifts For Grownups

Here are some of our favourite picks to wow the adults on your list!

Mike’s Hot Honey

For the foodies in your family, this chile-infused honey is sure to be a hit. The delicious balance of heat and sweet can be drizzled on just about anything, from pizza to ice cream.

$22 | amazon.ca

Home Body By Rupi Kaur

$22 | chapters.ca

If you’ve got someone on your list who’s a fan of Rupi Kaur or loves beautiful poetry in general, Kaur’s new collection of poetry is out just in time for the holidays.

The Tattoo Coloring Book

$22 | amazon.ca

Tattoo enthusiasts will love this beautiful colouring book filled with flash art to colour and design. The pages are double-sided, so pencils or crayons are your best bet for your accompanying colours. However, if you’re okay to let your colours run through, a set of blender markers will make for hours of creative fun.

Movie Night Popcorn Kit

$20 | crateandbarrel.com

Help them take movie night to the next level with this gourmet popcorn kit. There are 5 sweet and savoury popcorn shakers to choose from, inlcuding Buttery Caramel Corn, Sizzlin’ Spicy Sriracha, Cheezy White Cheddar, Spicy Chili Lime and Buttery Caramel Corn, as well as three different types of kernels to pop. Let them borrow your Netflix password, and you’ve just wrapped up the perfect gift!

Lush Sleepy Gift Set

$18 | lush.ca

If you’re buying for someone who loves the scent of lavender, Lush’s line of “Sleepy” products is about to become their new favourite thing. This shower gel and lotion set will help them to wind down after a long day and fall asleep with smooth skin that smells totally heavenly.

Agate Coasters

$18 | anthropologie.ca

These coasters make a totally gorgeous addition to any coffee table. Each coaster is plated with brass and has a unique shape and design. There are 5 beautiful colour palettes to choose from, meaning you can mix and match or stick with a set of your favourite one.

A Herschel Beanie

$25 | urbanoutfitters.com

As any good Canadian knows, you can never have too many toques (or beanies, in this case). This winter hat looks good on everyone and comes in 9 different colours, meaning you can get one to match pretty much every outfit they own!

Colour Changing Salt Lamp

$24 | urbanoutfitters.com

Light up their life with this mesmerizing salt lamp that changes colour between 8 different hues. Each salt lamp comes in a unique shape, but all stand about 6.5″ high on their wooden base.

A Pair Of Stance Socks

$23 | stance.ca

I don’t know about you, but classic Adam Sandler movies were basically a staple of my life in the 90’s. When I saw these socks, I burst out laughing and ran to cue up Happy Gilmore on Netflix. Stance has tons of fun and quirky sock designs in case you don’t have a Sandler fan on your list, but if you do, these socks are sure to be a hole in one (that’s a golf joke – not a sock joke).

Kiehl’s Men’s Essentials Kit

$25 | nordstrom.com

Help him get his skincare game on the right track with this face wash and lip balm duo from Kiehl’s. The energizing face wash will leave his cheeks feeling tingly-clean, and chapped lips will be a thing of the past with the no-shine moisturizing lip balm.

Bedside Essentials Pocket

$22 | uncommongoods.com

This handy little pouch is perfect for keeping all the essentials close at hand but out of sight in bed or on the couch. They’ll never have to worry about losing the remote or their reading glasses again!

A Hanging Planter

$16 | amazon.ca

This super cute set of 2 geometric planters also makes the perfect wall decor! Pop in a couple of succulents for a little gift that’ll give back all year long.

A Circular Puzzle

$25 | indigo.ca

If you’re shopping for someone who has perfected their puzzle skills since last March, this beautiful, circular puzzle will bring them a colourful new challenge to tackle.

A Truly Canadian Candle

$16 | well.ca`

This Canadian-made candle will fill their home with the delicious scent of warm maple syrup. Since there’s a pretty good chance their mouth will be watering for a big ol’ stack of pancakes covered in syrup, you may want to buy an extra can of this stuff, just in case.

Gifts For The Kiddos

Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for little kids or teens, we’ve found a little something for everyone.

Kinetic Sand

$15 | amazon.ca

I know what you’re thinking. Sand, in the house? But hear me out. Kids go crazy for this stuff. It’s the perfect mix of the fun of Play-Doh and a day at the beach and it’s tons of fun to squish and mold. Your kiddos will love building sandcastles all winter long (and if I’m being honest, you probably will, too).

Exploding Kittens Card Game

$23 | amazon.ca

Exploding Kittens is the purrfect game for anyone aged 7 and up. Illustrated by popular cartoonist The Oatmeal, this game is easy to learn and super fun to play. It’s described as a “strategic card game about cats and destruction” (think of it as a hilarious and much safer version of Russian Roulette). Fun fact for you: Exploding Kittens is currently the third biggest Kickstarter campaign of all time!

What Do You Meme? Card Game

$25 | amazon.ca

Anyone who appreciates a good meme is sure to get a chuckle of this family-friendly version of the popular card game. Players have to choose the perfect caption to match the photo from everyone’s favourite memes. Whoever has the funniest caption is the winner of the round!

Cloud Message Board

$24 | urbanoutfitters.com

For the person on your list who loves a piece of decor that lets the world see their quirky side, this cute little cloud is sure to light up their life.

Gelli Baff

$24 | amazon.ca

If your kids love slime, they’re gonna go crazy for Gelli Baff. Zimpli Kids carries a range of products that turn water into hours of ooey-gooey fun, and then back into the water again for easy disposal. They have slime and “gelli” in different colours – and this one even changes colour! They can be used in the bathtub or a separate bin, depending on how eager your kids are to get slimy. Word to the wise – put down a table cloth or towels around and under your play area for easy cleanup, or take it outside!

Glow In The Dark Crystal Growing Lab

$23 | amazon.ca

The only thing more exciting than watching your own crystals grow is seeing them glow in the dark! This fun STEM activity will tech your kiddos the wonders of chemistry as they learn the processes and interactions involved in growing their beautiful fluroite crystals.


$14 | amazon.ca

This gift will be a total blast from the past for parents and grandparents and a ton of fun for kids to experience for the first time! See what beautiful spiral designs you can create with the interlocking gears and wheels; it’s hours of entertainment for everyone in the family, no batteries required.

Bakugan Starter Kit

$25 | amazon.ca

I’ll be honest with you – there is some kind of actual game that you play with these little action figures, but I have no idea what it is, or how it works. What I do know, though, is that my 5 year old loves throwing these little balls on the ground and watching them turn into different creatures, folding them up, and doing it all over again. Older kids will get a kick out of  battling against friends and using the Gate-Card to learn the actual rules of how to play.

Polly Pocket

$20 | amazon.ca

This Polly Pocket cupcake play set has over 16.000 reviews on Amazon, which I’m taking as a pretty good sign that kids still love to play with Polly Pocket, even 31 years after its debut. Polly and her friends are a little bigger than they used to be, which makes them easier to keep track of, and safer to play with. This portable toy is full of cute surprises, like doors that open and tables that lift up.

Tech Deck Gift Pack

$18 | amazon.ca

Kids and grownups alike will get a kick(flip) out of this Tech Deck gift pack that includes 6 skateboards, 24 wheels and 6 trucks that can be built and customized however they like. Each deck includes graphics from real skate companies like Blind, Toy Machine, Element, Baker, Plan B and more. Once their boards are set up, skaters can prepare to master their fingerboard tricks, and can even visit techdeck.com for tutorials.

The Ultimate Fidget Tool

$16 | amazon.ca

This 12-sided fidget cube is perfect for the kid or grownup who is always on the move. By having something small to keep their hands busy, they can slow things down and may even have an easier time focusing in the classroom, at work, or at home. It’s a great stress reliever, too!

Do you have some more great finds for gifts under $25? We’d love to hear them in the comments!




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