25 Great Gifts for Work from Home Parents

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You know that one friend who can never stay warm? Or the one who needs an afternoon coffee at precisely 2:45? Or you’re one of the many work from home parents who could use a little something special?

With unprecedented numbers of us turning our spare rooms and dining room tables (and cars!) into home offices, there’s bound to be someone on your list who’d appreciate a gift that makes the WFH life just a little more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for something small or a splurge, something practical or just a little bit luxe, we’ve got you covered.

25 Great Gift Ideas for Work from Home Parents

For the Workaholic

Memory Foam Back Support Cushion $49.99

For anyone who sits too long, this cushion will give them the back support they need to be comfortable and chiropractor-free into 2022.

Fellowes Laptop Riser $49.99

This device helps users position their laptop at angle that maximizes comfort and readability and minimizes eye strain.

Shiatsu Pillow Massager $52.99

Is there a better gift than the gift of relaxation? This little powerhouse uses heat and four shiatsu massage nodes to relax the entire body and relieve sore muscles. Fits discreetly behind the back or shoulders.

Lululemon’s The Reversible (Big) Mat in Marble $98

For that quick stretch between meetings, this luxe yoga mat will keep the kinks at bay.

For the Caffeine-Lover

Keurig Mini $69.99

Give the gift of hot and fresh coffee, tea, or hot chocolate anytime without sacrificing precious desk space.

Koolatron 4L Mini Retro Fridge $79.99

No more dashing to the kitchen for drinks or snacks between meetings! Looks great, saves space, and fits up to six soda cans (or several small cartons of milk or cream).

Salton Beverage Warmer with Temperature Control $13.97

There’s iced coffee (yes!) and then there’s cold coffee (no!). This easy-to-use mug or tea cup warmer will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Yeti Rambler Mug $34.97

Trust me, it is worth the price. Yeti mugs and tumblers keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours at a time, making them a must-have for those work from home parents who are chained to a desk for most of the day. 

For the body temperature challenged:

HBC Stripes Polar Fleece Throw $45.00

Classic and fashionable, this is one accessory they won’t mind showing off on Zoom calls.

Roots Cotton Cabin Socks (2 Pair) $18.50  

Perfect for the recovering stiletto addict, these warm and cozy socks will keep little piggies warm throughout cold winter days.

Sunbeam Heating Pad $28.27

Because it’s not appropriate to work from the bathtub or the sauna, this heating pad will make sure your favourite work from home parent stays extra warm despite the boss’s chilly looks. 

For Everyone

2022 Ethereal Desk Pad Calendar $15.99

The perfect tool for monthly, at-a-glance planning that fits securely on a desk or underneath a laptop.

6-compartment Rose Gold Desk Organizer $31.99

Help them keep those pens and post-its handy and organized with a six-compartment desk organizer that’s as pretty as it is functional.

Command Round Cord Clips (Pack of 4) $5.29

A simple, elegant solution for managing the plethora of cords that are the bane of every work from home parent’s life.

Ergonomic Adjustable Height Footrest $29.89

Because posture and comfort can make or break a WFH set up, this once accessory is now a must-have for anyone who needs a little extra help creating their perfect set-up.

Saje Aroma Nook Diffuser with Relaxing Blend $78.00

Work from home… but make it smell nice.

Franne Gold Uptown Blue Light Readers (for her) $22.00 USD and The Book Club Le Specs Blue Light Glasses (for him or her) $65.00

The jury’s still out on exactly how effective blue light readers are at relieving eye strain but since it’s better to be safe (and sexy), these readers are perfect for (maybe, probably) reducing eye fatigue.

Aura Light Therapy Lamp $94.99

White light therapy is proven to ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression, improve energy, regulate sleep, and reduce food cravings, making it the ultimate wellness powerhouse.

HoMedics Portable White Noise Machine $29.99

There’s quiet and then there’s too quiet. Work from home parents get more done when the kids aren’t home, but this machine features several soothing sounds that create the perfect work space ambience at just the right volume.

Glass Desktop Dry Erase Pad – $48.99

Let them doodle till their heart’s content on this fun and funky device designed to fit between a keyboard and monitor, or beside a laptop.

Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Board $26.99

Or consider a dry-erase board for their office door so no one has to interrupt mom’s work day to ask for their permission slip or what time dinner’s at.

Dimmable, Clip-On LED Ring Light $27.99

Not all work spaces come with camera-ready lighting so help your WFH friends out with this small but mighty tool… perfect for anyone who’s on dawn-to-dusk video calls.

Sony Compact Bluetooth Speaker $79.98

Perfect for blasting productivity-enhancing tunes or listening to podcasts (work-related, of course). Can easily be moved from room to room with 24 hours of wireless battery life, no headphones required.

Lex Bar Cart $129.99

Whether they use it for extra desk-side storage or for actual post-work drinks, this two-tier cart is a practical space-saver that will add flair and functionality to any WFH space.

Ps. Most of the products you see here are from big retailers so that our national audience can find and access them easily. But if you love supporting small businesses as much as we do, be sure to check out your local shops for similar products to spoil those special work from home parents on your list.


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