3 Easy Memory Keeping Ideas for Moms

Jan Scott April 25, 2016

My goal for 2015 is to become a better memory keeper. I take thousands of photos each week, but sadly most of them are of the things we’€™ve eaten for dinner because I work from home as full-time food writer. It’€™s interesting, but doesn’€™t quite capture my children and our day-to-day lives that I would like to have on record.
As a blogger, there is naturally some daily documenting that goes on, and some of it gets recorded and shared sporadically among the recipes and kitchen tips that I post each week. But now that my kids are young teens they are less keen on being written about, which means I need to move to a more private method of keeping track of our family’€™s milestones and memories.

Seeing as we’€™re also expecting a new baby, I can’€™t take on projects that are overly involved or complicated, so I’€™m looking to build on a few things I’€™ve done in the past that I know will work well. Here are three of the memory keeping ideas I plan on putting into practice in the coming year:

Take Advantage of Instagram: My kids don’€™t like me to show their faces on Instagram (they have friends who follow me), however I do manage to post photos that include them, while simultaneously respecting their privacy. I do this not for the social sharing aspect of the website, but because I absolutely love having these pictures printed onto magnets, which line the front of my fridge. Stickygram is the company I use, and the delivery to Canada is fast and free. I plan on utilizing this service more in 2015, as it’€™s a great way to get pictures of a family vacation or birthday party without lugging around the large DSLR camera.

Keep a Journal: I’€™m not great at documenting every adorable thing my kids say, but I do have a ‘Gatherings’ journal, where I take note of each birthday party, dinner party and gathering we host. I write down who was in attendance, what food was served and which kind of celebration it was, as well as any special decorating ideas, games played and gifts received. I’€™m going to add another journal to my collection this year by keeping a dedicated notebook nearby where I can jot down sweet things that I’€™d like to remember throughout the year. It could be a quote or one-liner from one of my older kids, or a milestone moment achieved by our new baby. I’€™ll add the name of the child and the date and keep a running log for the duration of the year.

Make More Photo Books: I find it easier and less time consuming to make photo books for large batches of photos than to print off all of the images and file them into a photo album. I’€™ve only made a few to date (one for a weekend getaway to Paris and two of our family summer vacations) and my goal for this coming year is to make one for the first and last six months of the year. I usually make the hard cover ones, and leave them on the coffee table so everyone can flip through them at their leisure. I’€™ve made my books using iPhoto on my MacBook and Blurb, an internet-based publishing platform. Both worked out really well, and I look forward to adding more photo books to my collection this year.

What is your favourite method of memorializing the special moments in your family’€™s life? Are you a scrapbooker? Do you have another way of documenting special memories?

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