3 Party Games Apps to Play with Your Family

Jan Scott January 18, 2017

This summer, instead of competing with a series of screens for my kids’€™ attention, I embraced them and have been using digital devices as way to have fun with my family.

For example, we’€™ve been playing a lot of party games together by using an iPad instead of a traditional board game, and it’€™s been a wonderful way to pass the time on road trips, while waiting for a movie to start at the drive-in, and when we’€™re feeling impatient at a restaurant. They’€™ve also come in handy when we had guests for dinner, allowing us to launch into impromptu games of charades and Pictionary without any pre-planning required.

Here are the three games we’€™ve been obsessed with this summer:

1. Heads Up!

How Does It Work: Choose from a variety of fun categories, then guess the
word (that’€™s on the card on your head) from your friend’€™s clues before
the timer runs out.

Cost: Approx. $2

Apple or Android: Available on iTunes (for iPad and iPhone) and Google Play

2. Party Doodles

How Does It Work: The ultimate drawing and guessing game is like a digital version of Pictionary.

Cost: Free

Apple or Android: Available on iTunes (for iPad)

3. Reverse Charades

How Does It Work: A hilarious twist on classic charades, a team chooses 30, 60, or 90-second rounds to act out as many words as a person can guess.

Cost: Free (with in-app purchases possible)

Apple or Android: Available on iTunes (for iPad and iPhone) and Google Play

Do you have any favourite digital games you play with your family? Feel free to share in the comments!

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