5 Ideas for Apple Cider (Including Apple Cider Cocktails!)


Autumn is in full swing and there’s no better time to get fresh pressed cider than now. With so many different varieties available on the market and at your local farms, it’s fun to grab a few different jugs and try which ones you like best. From tart and well-rounded to super sweet with hints of spicy notes, you’ll be amazed at how much punch a glass can pack. But why not take it one step further and make some spectacular drinks?

Check out these yummy ways to enjoy Apple Cider (including Apple Cider Cocktails!):

Apple Bourbon Sparkler

Apples and bourbon are the ultimate pairing and make for one awesome drink. Quench your thirst with this cold drink on one of the many warmer days this fall will still (hopefully) bring. Pour a shot of bourbon in a large glass, fill with ice, then top with equal parts apple cider and sparkling water. I promise, it will be your new go-to indulgence on a Friday night.

Steeped Tea

Ditch hot water for something more seasonal in your daily fix of caffeine. Bring apple cider just to a boil in a medium pot on high, then pour into a teapot and steep with any black, white or herbal tea. Serve with an oatmeal cookie — so good for dunking!

Warm Vanilla Cider

Vanilla tends to be forgotten as an important stand-alone flavour, but it has a way of enhancing sweetness in an incredible way. Simmer apple cider with the scraped seeds and pod of a vanilla bean until infused. Top with softly whipped cream and a fresh grate of nutmeg for an extra-decadent drink.

Autumn Sangria

Don’t leave sangria behind in the summer! Bring out the flavours of fall by making a seasonal twist on this girls’ night favourite. Stir white wine with a generous splash of apple cider and slices of apple, pear, and orange. Chill until ready to serve then top up with ice.

Mulled Pie Spiced

There’s nothing better than a warm slice of apple pie — and this delicious drink variation makes a nice finish to a hearty meal. Simmer apple cider with whole cinnamon sticks, cloves, and a slice of fresh ginger before curling up to a hot mug.


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