5 Hot Summer Condiments You Need in Your Fridge

Summer condiments to spice up your fridge - SavvyMom

Sure, everyone loves some good ol’ ketchup and a squirt of yellow mustard on their hotdog and burger. But, what about when we’re looking to elevate or expand our summer condiments selection to include something a little more flavour-packed or even trendy? If this sounds like you, and you want to add a little oomph to your grilling this summer, we’ve got some hot (figuratively and literally) condiments you need to try.

From harissa to sriracha to chimichurri, these condiments not only have a lot of kick, but they are healthy for you as well.

Hot Summer Condiments to Spice Up the Season

1. Sriracha

Although some have suggested that the day of sriracha is over, that its sun has shone, that its fame has gone, we’re not quite sure. Yes, there are a ton of new chili sauces popping up everywhere, but our hearts still hold a special place for this adored condiment. A variety of hot sauce (made with chile pepper paste, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt,) it’s named after the coastal Thai city of Si Racha and is commonly found in seafood dishes, phở, and spring rolls. We love it drizzled on avocado toast or over a stunning poached egg, mixed with mayo to create the perfect topper to any sausage, burger, or hot dog, and even paired with grilled seafood.

2. Tzatziki

Tzatziki is a Greek-style smooth, garlicky and yogurt-based sauce that has been praised throughout the years for its high levels of probiotics. It’s made from a mix of cucumbers, dill, garlic, a dash of lemon juice, mint, parsley, and yogurt. Tzatziki is amazing served with chicken, fish, or steak kebabs and is fantastic served as a refreshing dip with crudites and pita wedges.

3. Kimchi

There are simply hundreds of varieties of this (on-trend) side dish. And, while we’ve been learning so much more about the benefits of eating fermented foods, there’s no better time than now get on the bandwagon and throw some kimchi into your rotation. Filled with both antioxidants and probiotics, this super condiment not only provides a nutritional punch, but is also very addictive. A traditional Korean staple, kimchi is most often made with garlic, ginger, Napa cabbage, and spicy peppers and is sometimes fermented for months. It’s the ideal accompaniment to a grilled steak or salmon, is seriously delicious in a grilled cheese sandwich and we love it heaped onto some sticky Korean-style short ribs.

4. Harissa

If you love adding a kick of spice to your summer meals, harissa is the condiment for you. A common element of Tunisian cooking, this fiery hot paste is loaded with spice. Made from mixing coriander seed, garlic paste, olive oil, and red peppers, it’s been shown to be beneficial in giving your immune system and metabolism a boost. Harissa is readily found in store-bought jars, tubes and cans but it’s also easily found ground as a spice. We love harissa drizzled over some grilled chicken or pork (a little goes a long way!), blended into your favourite hummus or it can even be used on its own as a flavour-packed dip for breads and meats.

5. Chimichurri

This green sauce, which comes from Argentina, combines cilantro, minced garlic, oregano, parsley, and white vinegar to create a super flavourful blend. Chimichurri sauce is a perfect accompaniment to grilled chicken, steak, fish, or drizzled over grilled veggies.


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