5 Time-Saving Cleaning Products That Will Make Your Life Easier


While some people love to clean, it’s not a chore I particularly enjoy. But it is a chore that provides important value and care for our homes and our families, so I love finding ways to make it as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Here are my favourite time-saving products I argue moms can’t live without.

Whirlpool cabrio top load washer & dryer
With 5 kids I do A LOT of laundry. These machines have made the seemingly endless pile totally surmountable. With fabulous features including steam cleaning, intuitive touch controls with memory, and LED displays, what makes this product pretty darn efficient is that I can do four baskets of clothing at once due to the large capacity. If only folding could be as efficient!

Cutler modern living zobal wall system
While not a cleaning product, this system has helped streamline the time it takes me to hunt for the right tool or cleaning supply. This modern wall system can be customized to your specific needs and includes accessories like a paper towel holder, hooks, clear cups, and glass shelves. In my laundry room, this keeps tools, screws, detergents and cleaning supplies in plain sight so I’m never hunting for the right wall anchor or for a pair of scissors when I need them.

Rowenta cordless vacuum
Truthfully, vacuuming is one chore I love due to the instant gratification of clean floors! But sometimes I am too preoccupied (or too lazy) to pull out the entire unit and all its attachments, so having a cordless handheld is such an asset. It’s great for grabbing crumbs between sofa cushions, spilled snacks on the floor, and keeping your car goldfish cracker free.

Braava floor mopping robot
Using disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths, this little robot does your floors while you put your feet up. Using its own indoor GPS system, the Braava keeps track of where it has been and where it needs to go. And did I mention you don’t have to do anything but supervise the mopping? Sign me up.

Lemon aide glass and window cleaner
I love essential oils so I try to find them in cleaning supplies whenever possible. However, I find the natural stuff doesn’t always work as efficiently as their more repugnant smelling counterparts. So I was happy to discover this essential oils based cleaner worked just as well and smells so good. One piece of newspaper and a couple of spritzes of this lemon and lavender spray and glass is streak-free.


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