6 Ways to Make Your Next Event a Green Success

Pots of Fresh Herbs

International Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22nd. Here is a list of my favourite eco-friendly entertaining tips with hopes of inspiring you to stay green when planning your spring soirées this season.

The Menu: Local farmers’€™ markets will be open again later this month, so now is the time to plan a menu around what’€™s in season. One of my favourite starters is a soup shot, served with a mini triangular sandwich alongside it (think asparagus soup and mini grilled cheese with bacon).

The Invitations: Replace traditional paper invitations with an electronic variety – saving time, money and unnecessary amounts of trash (most paper products end up in the garbage).

The Table: Reusable dishes, glasses and cutlery are a must for an eco-friendly party. Use what you have, and borrow anything extra you need from a friend. Mismatched tableware adds charm to a table so don’€™t be overly concerned about coordinating everything.

The Linens: Tablecloths and napkins can be made from inexpensive fabric. I like to make no-sew napkins (dinner or cocktail) by purchasing a meter of fabric (IKEA is my favourite source for this) and cutting squares using pinking shears, which keep the edges from fraying. A quick iron and fold will result in napkins you can keep for many parties to come.

The Centrepieces: Use fresh potted herbs in place of cut flowers for your springtime centrepieces.

The Favours: If your event is one that requires you to send your guests off with a little thank you gift, local honey or jams are a great option.


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