7 Best Homemade Protein Bars


If the world stopped when hunger hit, you could grab a leisurely bite at a bistro or lovingly create something delicious at home every time your stomach growled. But life isn’t like that. No, life is full of skipped meals, sad desk lunches, and hastily purchased grocery store sandwiches. But it doesn’t have to be. Even when you only have 5 minutes and one hand to spare, you can have a nourishing snack that will help you power through those 3:30 blahs and beyond. To help you refuel when you’re short on time, we’ve scoured the web for the best homemade protein bars.

These babies are guaranteed to put the spring back in your step in 5 minutes or less.

7 Incredible (and Incredibly Delicious) Homemade Protein Bars

Best Homemade Protein Bars - Pheebs-Foods_Chocolate-Berry-Superfoods

Chocolate Berry Superfood Bars by Pheebs Foods

These bars boast a cast of A-list ingredients with enough nutritional credentials to make kale green (if it wasn’t already) with envy. The base of this hearty bar is made up of almonds, cashews, coconut, maca, cocoa, peanut butter, dates and almond milk. The bar’s vibrant topcoat is comprised of raspberries, acai powder, coconut, chia seed, peanut butter, cashews and a hint of vanilla. The result is an earthy, tart and sweet flavour experience that is sure to satisfy.

Coconut Cranberry Protein Bars by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Up your antioxidant intake with these sweet and pleasantly tart homemade protein bars. Dense and chewy like cake, these protein bars feature dried cranberries, almond butter, flax meal, coconut-flavoured protein powder, and a touch of honey. Try adding dark chocolate chunks to the mix to up the awesome.

Almond Crunch Protein Bars by iFoodreal

These Almond Crunch Homemade Protein Bars are easy to make and easy to enjoy. Loaded with almond butter, almond milk and almond meal, these bars are all about almonds. Similar in taste and texture to the interior of a Crispy Crunch bar, these protein bars also sport a rich chocolate drizzle of chocolate chips and coconut oil. We’ll forgive you if you mistake these bars for dessert.

Pumpkin Protein Bars by Food Faith Fitness

Sure, you’ve probably had your fill of pumpkin spice and everything Christmas, but these protein bars are worth the relapse. Packed with pureed pumpkin, oats, pecans, and, yes, pumpkin spice, these bars are like a slice of pumpkin pie, but portable.

Soft and Chewy Protein Granola Bars by Running with Spoons

For those that live for the chew, these toothsome protein bars are sure to satisfy. A hearty combination of oats, ground flax, almond butter, vanilla protein powder, and a generous smattering of chocolate chips, these bars boast a flavour profile that hearken back to the schoolyard snacks of your youth.

Cake Batter Energy Bars by Chocolate Covered Katie

For those who live for sprinkles and all things sweet, there are these jovial Cake Batter Energy Bars. Don’t let their technicolour appearance and birthday cake flavour fool you. With ingredients like, rice crisps, oat flour, and cashew butter, these bars don’t skimp on the nutrition.

Quick n’ Easy No-Bake Protein Bars by Oh She Glows

Loaded with peanut butter, rice crisps, oats, and vanilla protein powder, these vegan bars boast a slew of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates designed to keep you feeling fuller longer. Add to that a decadent chocolate and coconut oil drizzle and you’ve got a nutritious, vegan snack that eats like a dessert.


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