7 Ways to Save Money on Spring Fashion


Spring has sprung (minus the occasional snow storm) and let’€™s face it, we’€™re all itching to break out the t-shirts, sundresses, and sandals. Each spring brings with it a new season of trends and coveted ‘€˜it’€™ piece, and it’€™s hard to know what’€™s worth the investment and how you can stretch your budget further. Follow these tips and you’€™ll be sure to step out in style without draining your bank account.

First things first, spring-cleaning is a must. A new season means a fresh start, and what better way to make things fresh and organized in your home than cleaning out your closet. I bet you’ll be surprised by how much you can accumulate in a year. The rule is, if you haven’t worn something in a year, you probably won’t wear it again anytime soon, so get rid of it and make room for a few new items. Donate it to your favourite local clothing drive or sell online if it’s worth a pretty penny.

Make it personal. You don’t have to incorporate every single trend that’s featured on the runway or in your favourite fashion magazine into your wardrobe. Instead, it’s really about deciding which trend compliments your personal style. Being selective about your staple pieces this spring is also a good way to shop on budget.

Spring flowers. You can’t go wrong with big bold floral prints’€”they are the way to go this time of year! While you may want to buy every gorgeous floral piece you see, resist that urge. Invest in one or two prints that you’re drawn to. A silk flower cami can be a very versatile piece to pair with high-waisted trousers and layered under a chunky knit sweater.

Check out retailers like Banana Republic and Joe Fresh to get a head start on your hunt for florals.

The hi’€™s and the lows. If you’re hoping to splurge on a few pieces to last you through the warmer months there’s a smart way to go about it, and that involves investing in pieces that are hi-end (as long as you can’€™t live without them!) and mixing them in with lower-cost items that you may love just as much but help stretch your budget. Splurge on investment pieces like a leather jacket or trench coat. These staple items can be worn all spring long, and will last a few years, so they’€™re worth the extra money. Lower-end items like jeans, scarves and tops are easy ways to pull in the season’s latest trends without breaking the bank.

Organize a clothing swap with friends. A great way to get new-to-you clothes without spending a dime. Plus you can catch up with friends while purging that closet’€”a win-win for all.

Refresh what you already have. We see many similar styles in rotation when it comes to street style, so some pieces that were popular three years ago still remain trendy. While your cleaning out your closet, be on alert for some street style chic items (oversized graphic sweaters, boyfriend jeans, chambray shirts, overalls, midi skirts, etc). Compliment new with old, and no one will be the wiser.

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