8 Must-Have Party Supplies


Can I confess a secret? I’€™m a little obsessed with buying balloons, and purchase a bag every single time I’€™m at a store that sells them. No joke. I think I have hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of balloons in my cabinet, and it makes me ridiculously happy to know that I’€™m capable of producing simple decorations at a moment’€™s notice.

Balloons aren’€™t the only things I keep on hand. As someone who entertains a lot, and writes about parties even more, it’€™s imperative that I keep a few essentials on site for celebrations. Here are the supplies I keep well stocked in my party supply cabinet:

1. Balloons: Assorted sizes, colours, shapes and materials

2. Candles: Tall and skinny, assorted colours, numbers and letters

3. Paper: Crepe paper, tissue paper, cardstock and a roll of butcher paper

4. Paper Napkins: Solid colours, patterned, cocktail, dinner, rectangular and square

5. Straws: Striped, solid, patterned, thick, thin, wacky, with moustaches, etc.

6. Wooden Skewers: Long, short and shaped

7. Decorations: Paper lanterns, bunting and banners, ribbon and confetti

8. Cake Accessories: Assorted cupcake liners, cake stands and flags

Did I miss anything? Is there something you always keep in stock for your parties and celebrations?


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