9 Ways to Refuel

Kid Holding Lunchbox Outside

Now that you have a full arsenal of new breakfast recipes (no need to thank us), we think you’re ready to kick the lunch menu up a notch. For a little more variety in your life (and theirs), we hope you enjoy these Lunchtime Recipes for Success.

Try yummy Apple and Cheddar Quesadillas made with a twist of cinnamon to bring home that apple pie flavour. It’s a pie…it’s a sandwich…it’s a quesadilla? They’re easy to make, they pack well and you can eat them hot or cold. We love that the cheese holds them together so they’re not messy.

This Sweet Potato and Split Pea Soup is so hearty and filling all you need is a few crackers to accompany it for a balanced meal. Kids who like a warm lunch will love to bring this to school when the weather starts to turn (yes, it will happen).

In the age of nut-free lunches, cream cheese and bagels are the new PB and J for moms these days. Add some cucumber (for that veggie quotient) and make this stand-by sandwich taste better too.

Whip up a stash of these easy to make Focaccia Pizza Bites and watch how fast they get devoured. We recommend hiding them if you want them to stick around the kitchen long enough to make it into the lunch bags the next day.

That’s only four lunch ideas. We’ve got Lunchtime Recipes for Success. And we also have a handy printable school-lunch checklist.



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