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SavvyMom April 28, 2016
Mom Blogging with Daughter

Everyone loves a good mom blog. They’re honest and real; they can be gritty, witty and sometimes emotional. There are all kinds of mom blogs out there on the world wide web for you to browse and there is certainly one that will appeal to your interests.

Here are three we found lately on Oh Baby! that peaked our interest.

Sandy, one of the co-owners of Oh! Baby magazine (which she runs with her husband) is a mom of two who shares her experiences of raising a family and a business at the same time.

I am experiencing some mild to moderate anxiety over an upcoming family road trip. What the heck are we thinking? How could I ever agree to this? How could my husband think that it’s a smart idea to drive to NYC from Toronto (8.5 hours non stop) in the middle of the summer, in my mini van, with both of my kids and my in-laws? More

Jennifer and Maria, owners of Salsa Babies and the scribes behind the blog 2 Salsa Mamas, balance life as moms, wives and business owners.

Having my own business, I am fortunate to have flexibility in my schedule. I can’t imagine how full-time working moms do it all. Even working from home, there are days when I don’t know how I’ll get it all done. I suppose society has made life easier in some regards, with online shopping, 24-hour grocery stores and ‘Smart-phones’ so you can contact your partner any time of day to pick up milk on the way home. More

Or check out the Mommy Meltdowns. Here’s a good one we found on the topic of Etiquette.
Recently I was on a date at a restaurant with my hubby. It was a fairly nice place and we arrived for dinner around 8 o’clock. We were seated and instantly regretted where we were sitting—at the table next to us were two mothers with their four children who looked as though they were under six. I have no problem with parents wanting to enjoy an evening out with their children but this was just inappropriate. More

There is a blog (or two) out there for you. You just need to find it.


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