A Bunch of Lunches

10 Day Back to School Lunch Plan

Next to discussing American Idol and potty-training tips, there isn’t a topic more popular at SavvyMom than our kids’ lunches—what they will/won’t eat, how sick of packing them we are…you know the pain.
So further to my recent review of the SavvyMoms’ lunches, I thought it might be interesting to see what the kids of the SavvyMoms were eating for lunch this week. Not comparing (of course) just looking for inspiration.

I started with the moms of toddlers. Maggie’s kids had grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots & cucumbers, strawberries, and milk, under the watchful eye of her mother-in-law. Robyn’s 3-year old enjoyed scrambled eggs with mushrooms and milk—very high protein! And Leslie’s twins ate a plate with cut-up turkey, a tortilla, medium, cheddar cheese, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, grapes and water—talk about a rainbow on their plate!

Then I moved onto the packed lunch crowd.

Angela reported the following lunches were consumed—note Kid 3 did not go with the planned program although he eschewed the chocolate at least.

  • Kid #1 – Turkey sandwich, apple juice, water, pear and three Easter egg chocolates
  • Kid #2 – Bagel and cream cheese, cucumbers, pear, apple juice and three Easter egg chocolates
  • Kid #3 – Kraft dinner (busted), cucumbers, pear, milk

Holly wasn’t able to report what her high-schooler had (gulp—not ready for those days), but her son had a hefty lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich on Wonder+ bread, an apple/strawberry sauce fruit cup, a Nutri-grain bar, a Chewy bar, and some Easter chocolate that he bought at the store near the school.

Denise packed the following x 3, which she said was not her usual creative stuff, but sounded yummy (and well-balanced) to me: green grapes, Jello chocolate pudding cup, turkey, havarti & lettuce on multi-grain bread, celery sticks & red pepper/grape tomatoes and an orange juice tetra pack

Minnow’s guys took chicken salad sandwiches on croissants with lettuce, an apple and apple juice. No snack—because she had run out of snack bars!

Have you found inspiration from the SavvyMom lunches? Let us know, we love to hear from you.


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