Giving Back to Mama Earth


Ahhhh…spring time, and the task of tending to the garden—a perfect way to celebrate what Mother Earth has to offer (with Earth Day approaching and all).
And while there aren’t many activities that give you and your kids the feeling of gratification more than working in a garden, if you live in Victoria (the Canadian promised land for horticulture), you know it can be intimidating getting started. Here are two places to visit that will inspire your family to learn and create new ideas for your garden.

Gardens at HCP is 103 acres of gardens, woodland and green space, run by volunteers and created to promote gardening in the city. Kids under 16 are free and can spend hours on wooded paths, stepping stones, in fields, looking for birds, bees and butterflies. The Children’s Garden was created to stimulate young imaginations with Fairies and Fauna. You can spend hours in this hands-on garden connecting literature with environmental learning, understanding where food comes from and what it looks like outside the supermarket. We like searching for the Fairy Houses that are scattered throughout the garden.


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