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At SavvyMom, there are many channels through which our readers can interact on our site and discuss, share or comment on our content. We welcome and encourage feedback of all sorts, as we believe it helps us make our content more useful and relevant (savvy, shall we say) for you.
However, in so doing, we strive to keep the conversation respectful and we reserve the right to remove comments that include profanity, derogatory terms, hateful language, spam/advertising/other commercial elements, and unsubstantiated or personal attacks and/or those that are legally questionable.
Our guidelines and processes are detailed below for further information on how we treat this important element of our publications.

Comment Moderation

We encourage comments on all our articles and other content as we believe the feedback’€”whether positive or negative’€”allows us to continue to improve our content. We also know that our readers have an important voice to share in our goal of sharing practical solutions for moms’ everyday dilemmas.

In most cases, comments are post-moderated, which means we don’t review them prior to posting. However, we do our best to remove any comments which we feel violate our commenting guidelines or are in breach of our terms and conditions.

Comments that are posted to the site are not edited in any way by our editors.

Reporting Abuse

If you feel a comment is offensive, please {encode=’’ title=’report it to us’}. We appreciate your assistance in making the SavvyMom community a supportive and respectful one. If you simply disagree with a comment, please leave another comment in response, explaining your position rather than reporting the initial comment as abusive.

Comment Removal

Our policy is not to remove published comments that otherwise meet our guidelines. Most of our comments are published automatically, and aren’t reviewed by an editor unless they are flagged as abusive by other readers. If you have posted a comment in error, the best approach is simply to post another comment explaining what you meant. Please be aware that we cannot control whether your comment is available via cache search results at through any search engine.


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