A Mix of Music


This past weekend, Maggie (our National Sales Director) and I rocked it out at a concert. A Family Pop Concert, that is.
With our various toddlers in tow—Ally (almost 3), Will (4) and Kate (2)—we made our way to the glorious new arts centre at St. Michael’s College School to see Marlowe & the Mix. We’d had the opportunity to enjoy her pop songs on her demo CD the week before (the kids had them close to memorized by the time the concert date arrived), so there was a lot of anticipation about seeing Marlowe and her band live.

A family-friendly singer with kids of her own, Marlowe describes herself as somewhere between the The Wiggles and Britney Spears (the G-rated version) and her catchy dance tunes are definitely a big step up from Wheels on the Bus or Itsy Bitsy Spider.

To say the kids loved it is an understatement.

Maggie’s daughter Kate did a dash up the stairs and across the stage, while Will showed off his breakdancing moves. Ally was glued front and centre to the stage lip, bopping away to Marlowe’s music. All the kids were enthusiastically dancing along in the toddler equivalent of a mini-mosh pit. Aside from her own songs, Marlowe and the band also performed a Beatles medley and a Michael Jackson number (for us audience members whose ages were in the two-digit category—although the kids loved them, too).

On a mom-note, we agreed that when Marlowe sings “Life is a Roller Coaster”, as a parent, we know she gets it.

Thanks, Marlowe & the Mix! To find out more, go to www.marloweandthemix.com.


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