A Little Help Goes a Long Way


You remember Suzie…the busy multitasking mom who is slightly time crunched but doesn’t think about it because she has too much else to think about (like kids’ schedules, end of year parties and that interview she is conducting in the morning).
Suzie’s Latest Challenge
Today she’s frantically rushing from work to attend her daughter’s end of year school concert. June creeps up on her every year—it’s crazier than December. She is flustered and running late.

What Does Suzie Do?
As she gets into her Ford Flex, the MyKey™ feature automatically mutes the music in the car so all she can hear is the BeltMinder™ reminding her to strap in (usually not necessary but at times like this she’ll take any reminder she can to stay safe). She checks her watch, she’ll make it just in time. She breathes. Then the handy MyKey™ feature chimes—she is low on fuel. O.M.G. She’ll have to stop for gas.

Luckily her nice new jacket won’t get ruined when she’s filling up because her Ford Flex has an EasyFuel™ capless fuel filler—which doesn’t just save time (she’ll take more of that any day) but it also saves her from making a mess while pumping gas in her pumps. No more messing with the gas cap because it has a flap that automatically shuts tight when you’re done and provides a better seal which reduces the release of smog-forming vapours as well.

Now she is close to the school with two minutes to spare. The right parking spot can make or break her arrival time at this stage. Luckily, Suzie’s Flex is equipped with Ford’s Active Park Assist system. With the push of a button and an activation of her turn signal, the ultrasonic sensors in her Ford Flex locate an available parallel parking space. Once the spot is located, Flex quickly slides into place, handling all of the steering while Suzie works the brake and gas pedals. In fact, it’s nearly three times faster than other vehicles with similar parking technologies.

A little hot and bothered, she ducks into the auditorium and gets a big smile and a wave from her daughter who spots her as soon as she steps in.

Another deep breath and a big smile of her own. She did it.


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