A Reader’s Response


Yesterday we received an email from one of our readers that had everyone in the office in stitches. It was so real and honest that we decided it should be shared with everyone else—not just the insiders at Savvy HQ.
If you read the Savvy Guide to March, you’ll note that we reminded you to pick up the dog poo in your backyard (if you are the canine kind).

One of our readers loved that tip and shared her recent experience doing just that:

“I just have to say that I LOOOVED the mention of picking up dog poo in the Savvy Guide to March. Knowing that it was going to be mild at the end of the week last week, I ventured outside on Wednesday late afternoon and picked up 37 piles. 2 bags. 80 pounds each. And since you’re asking why I counted, it was only because of how bitter I was at doing it, and so I could tell ALL the four boys (that includes my beloved) that I had picked up 37 piles of backyard dog poo. But as much as I was expecting, ‘Sorry Mom, we’ll do it more often’, or ‘Sweetheart, there’s no WAY you should be doing that’, all I got was ‘Good job, Mom. You’re amazing’, and ‘Way to go, honey. Wow, you counted!’

So just a savvy footnote to savvy dog poo collection…don’t expect any praise or thanks for doing it. I guess I’m happy I’m not scraping it off my screaming nephew’s shoe or some such thing!”

Thanks PA from Toronto. We love hearing our readers’ stories. If you have any good mom moments to share with us, let us know and we’ll share them, too.


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