After-School Snack: Frozen Fruit Salad


My active 13-year-old just passed the 6′ tall mark, which means he eats on a VERY regular basis at the moment. His after-school snack last week was three peanut butter sandwiches — no joke — and a plum as soon as he walked in the door, followed by a hearty dinner less than two hours later. It goes without saying’ that the boy can eat.

One day when he walked in the door, hot and sweaty from football practice, he asked for something cold to eat, something like a popsicle. I now know that a small icy treat is going to do nothing for his hunger or his mood, so I gave him a few frozen banana slices and blueberries to accompany the many sandwiches. He loved it, and I definitely think this frozen fruit salad is going to be a preferred snack while the weather is still warm.

The markets are still full of fabulous fruit, which means it’s prime time for freezing pieces for future eating. I sliced pitted peaches and plums and placed them in a single layer on a baking sheet to freeze before tucking them into ziptop baggies. Then I did the same with blueberries, grapes and bananas. Each stored in its own package, a little of each variety can be added to a bowl before serving.

If I had toddlers in my house, I would chop the fruit instead of slicing it for easier and safer eating. Also, it’s good to know that if frozen fruit salad isn’t appealing to your kids, the pieces can be blitzed in a blender with a bit of water or juice for a healthy afternoon slushie I’m sure they won’t say no to.


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