After-School Snack: Chickpea Poppers


Last week, I shared my thoughts on the newest cookbook to cross my desk, and this week I wanted to share one of the recipes from within the pages. Chickpea poppers are Katie Workman’€™s answer to the finding-snacks-that-don’€™t-come-in-crinkly-bags dilemma.
Roasted chickpeas are high in fibre and protein, and low in fat. When baked, they become semi-crunchy seasoned nuggets that perfectly bridge the gap between after-school and dinner hour. A small handful goes a long way, and the spices can be customized to suit your family.

I’€™m already thinking about tucking bags of these into my kids’€™ summer camp lunchboxes, and I’€™m certain they’€™d make great travel sustenance as well, regardless of whether your summer plans involve planes, trains or automobiles.

As Katie suggests in her book, these baked chickpeas are a great way to introduce new spice combinations to your kids’€™ diets. Or better yet, give them some flavour options and let them customize their own batch of snacks.

Find the full printable recipe here: Chickpea Poppers, adapted from The Mom 100 Cookbook


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