The Program for New Parents That Puts Money in Your Pocket


We might be preaching to the converted here, but raising a young family is no walk in the park.

With young mouths to feed, furniture, baby gear and toys to purchase, and not to mention the responsibility of new parenthood, it can be an expensive, sometimes exhausting, but ultimately rewarding endeavour.

But it’s not just the here and now that moms and dads need to worry about—there’s a future to think of when it comes to the kiddos. Responsibility for your kids means teaching smart spending and saving habits, as well as saving for your child’s education.

Easier said than done right? Well, ATB Financial is about to make things a whole lot simpler. ATB knows that between diapers, daycare and the (endless) clothes your little one is growing out of, it isn’t always easy to save for the future.

So they’ve come up with the Alberta Baby Bundle. Sign up for the amazing email resource for new Alberta parents now and you’ll instantly receive access to current discounts and savings in your inbox every 4-6 weeks.

You can save money and support Alberta businesses like Rocky Mountain Soap, Montana’s, AMA and Plus, there are tips for budgeting, saving and smart spending from ATB and all their partners.

Not parents yet? If you’re expecting a child, you can also sign up for the Alberta Baby Bundle at and start saving today.

And here’s where things get really good. If you open up an ATB Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) —a savings plan that makes it easier to save money for your child’s education—and set up a recurring transfer, ATB will deposit a $150 savings booster in there (eligible for children under two).

Plus, because of government savings grants, $150 is more like $180. How’s that for totally nailing this parenting business?

The earlier you start saving for your child, the easier it’ll be for them later in life—which is something we can all be grateful for!

For more information, go to ATB.

This post was brought to you by ATB Financial, but the opinions are our own.


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