Our Favourite Laughable Moments of 2016

Lisa Thornbury February 13, 2017
best moments of 2016

I’m not the first to point out that 2016 was a real piece of work. What a year of misery and chaos that was. Getting into a festive frame of mind this holiday season took a herculean effort because I surely wasn’t feeling it. As parents, we all deserve Oscars for the performances we pulled together so our sweet innocent kiddos could bask in the joyful glow of the holidays, as they should.

So now that last year is buh-bye (you will not be missed 2016) our thoughts turn to New Year resolutions. Ya, ya…you don’t make ‘em. They don’t work. They set us up to fail. Blah, blah, I get it.

But, here’s one resolution I think we can all agree on… this year let’s resolve to take charge of our reactions to the things that happen to us and around us. It’s easy to rage, to lash out, to complain, to let the bitterness fester and grow. It’s much more difficult to search out the positive and even find the funny. Let’s look for the silly, the happy, the kind, the absolutely bust-a-gut ridiculous, and cling to it. And when you can, spread it around for others to enjoy as well.

So yes, 2016 wasn’t a stellar year. However, it wasn’t all bad. There were plenty of laughable moments. Here are a few that brought me joy (this is me spreading it around for others to enjoy).

In 2016…

Cats across the internet were startled by cucumbers.

Chewbacca Mask Mom found joy in a bargain basement find and we all laughed along with her.

Ellen made Adele eat a fistful of wheatgrass and I laughed until my cheeks hurt.

Somebody put together this SNL ‘crack ups’ compilation video together and I watched it repeatedly and laughed out loud.

This grandpa loved his new light-up shoes SO much.

‘Eyes, eyes, eyes’ made my eyes water. Thanks Baroness Von Sketch Red Wine Ladies!

Face swapping, silly mannequin challenges, ridiculous GIFS, carpool karaoke, hilarious news bloopers and so much more made us chuckle and forget our worries for a few minutes at least.

And that’s just the silly stuff. Let’s not forget that 2016 was the year…

NEK1, aka an important ALS indicator gene, was identified thanks in large part to money raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge.

A Fort McMurray man who lost everything won the lottery this December.

A new pair of high-tech glasses allowed these two brothers to see colour for the first time.

After a 1.7-billion-mile journey, NASA’s Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter.

Finding Dory showed us that family comes in all shapes and sizes, Zootopia tackled racism and discrimination, and Moana, Ghostbusters, Rogue One and The Force Awakens gave kids a whole new crop of butt-kicking, brave, smart heroines to look up to.

No, 2016 wasn’t a shiny happy year, but there were certainly glimmers of happiness and hilarity glinting through. So let’s put our collective minds together and wish for more funny, silly, and happy for 2017. And when we spot it, let’s resolve to notice it, savour it, and pass it along.

What were some of your laugh-out-loud moments from 2016? Share with us.

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